Thursday, September 6, 2007

Not your average Spa

One of the most common questions I have to answer revolves around what we do and don't do. A lot of people who find out that we don't have hair stylists or skin care specialists on staff are mystified as to what could possibly go on in a day spa that doesn't involve getting a facial or dying one's hair. Add in the fact that we only have one appointment at a time, and you can bring your sweetie in with you for a couple's session, then the questions start pouring out.

The short answer is that we focus on delighting the senses. Relaxation and pleasure. Everything that we offer at the spa is because it's fun. Sure, there are health benefits behind all of our treatments, but we sincerely believe that pleasure has it's own rejuvenating and rewarding benefits. Being inside Jeff Hengst's painting studio really lends to that rejuvenating spirit. The space is soaked in creative energy from his art-making and past Little Red Studio performances. The atmosphere is both relaxing and inspiring.

If we have really done our job right, guests who come visit our day spa leave feeling a new lease on life. They are inspired to enjoy their lives more than they have been. A few people have even joined the Little Red Studio as troupe members after getting a massage or spa session at the Little Red Day Spa. To date, the most exciting result is the gentleman who called the next week to thank me for his session and reported that he had just bought 3 new canvases to start painting again!

That's what we do at the Little Red Day Spa. Sometimes it looks like someone is just being floated in a hot tub, but it's usually something more sublime.

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