Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Drop-In Event TODAY and every Tuesday

Tuesday Drop-In Event at the Little Red Day Spa
11a.m. to 2 p.m.

$15.00 entry fee

Stay for awhile or all three hours!

Soak in the warm waters, play in the mud (sculptural clay application), scrub with the seasonal and sensational salt glows!

Special Treat - Guest Practitioner - Priya will be joining us on Tuesday to offer massages!
for as little as $10.00 receive one of her delightful massage sessions!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sunday December 20th 6p.m. - 9p.m.

Ladies and the Men They Invite Night • 1st and 3rd Sundays

It's like the ever popular Ladies Night but with the men they invite! Drop in and rejuvenate in a healing space inspired by European spa culture. Soak in the hot tub, enjoy warm oil massage, play in the clay, experience the invigorating salt glows! Bring some snacks to share, we provide the towels and robes. Mini-massage sessions available for a small fee.

6pm to 10pm – drop-in
$15.00 per person includes use of towels & robes, hot tea
$10.00 seniors & students

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Conscious Dreaming Constellation Experience this Sunday at the Little Red Day Spa


Explore fresh new paths to honoring your wildest dreams!

Facilitated by Kirsten A. Lauzon
Sunday December 20, 1 – 5pm
1506 Franklin Ave. E Seattle WA 98102
Plan to arrive at 1, to begin the work at 1:30.

$12 Suggested Donation
Tea and Snacks Provided

I will speak about and demonstrate two experiential processes:
Conscious Dreaming and Family and Systemic Constellation Work.

Expect the unexpected.

Meet personal and universal archetypes that manifest through you every day
and reliably come knocking on your dream doors each night.

Explore new ways to relate to family members and loved ones,
by looking at complex internal issues in an external context.

Find productive and abundant ways to interrelate with your collectives
for increased clarity, creativity, intimacy and connection.

By consciously acknowledging and exploring potentially unseen forces at play in our lives
we just might free ourselves from old destructive patterns and effectively make them our allies.

Come learn and play with us in a lush and supportive environment.

Please plan to arrive around 1, to begin the work at 1:30.

In Loving Service,

Kirsten A. Lauzon

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Note from Priya - our beloved Ladies Night Practitioner

Heart Play…..
Have you ever had the desire to be a part of a loving, intimate community that supports each other fully in engaging with life to it’s fullest? Are you willing to take risks and discover who you are and get to know others on a deeper level? Will you give yourself permission to let the child within you come out and play? Will you allow yourself to leave your judgments behind and come with an open heart and mind?

Then, come join us as we create this community of like minded souls through the use of sharing food, intimacy exercises and community expression.

Sunday, December 13th, 2009
4pm until 7:15pm
A $5.00 to $10.00 donation is requested for the use of the rental space

Standing Stone Healing & Arts
943 N 89th Street
Seattle, Wa. 98103
(Near the corner of N. 89th Street and Aurora)
E-mail: silk999@juno.com
Priya Kendrick
Please respond by e-mail or phone if you plan on attending. I will provide coffee,tea and bottled water) I can be reached on the day of the event after 3pm on my cell phone. The number is: 206-841-1627

4:00 pm until 5:00 pm….. Potluck . Bring a potluck dish to share with a list of ingredients as well as a beverage of your choice. Alcohol is permitted AFTER the event is over.
5:00 pm until 6:00 pm….. Intimacy building exercises
6:00 pm until 7:15 pm Zegg forum

You are welcome to come back to my home and socialize after the event.
Priya Kendrick
9028 Dibble Ave N.W.
Seattle, Wa. 98117


I am very pleased to offer this amazing work
in the lush and supportive environment of


Explore fresh new paths to honoring your wildest dreams!

Facilitated by Kirsten A. Lauzon
This Sunday December 6, 2 – 5pm
1506 Franklin Ave. E Seattle WA 98102

$12 Suggested Donation
Tea and Snacks Provided

I will speak about and demonstrate a unique synthesis of two experiential processes:
Conscious Dreaming and Family and Systemic Constellation Work.

Expect the unexpected.

Meet personal and universal archetypes that manifest through you every day
and reliably come knocking on your dream doors each night.

Explore new ways to relate to family members and loved ones,
by looking at complex internal issues in an external context.

Find productive and abundant ways to interrelate with your collectives
for increased clarity, creativity, intimacy and connection.

By consciously acknowledging and exploring potentially unseen forces at play in our lives
we just might free ourselves from old destructive patterns and effectively make them our allies.

Come learn and play with us in a lush and supportive environment.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Get ready for the first Sunday drop in night tomorrow!

Ladies and the Men They Invite Night • 1st and 3rd Sundays

It's like the ever popular Ladies Night but with the men they invite! Drop in and rejuvenate in a healing space inspired by European spa culture. Soak in the hot tub, enjoy warm oil massage, play in the clay, experience the invigorating salt glows! Bring some snacks to share, we provide the towels and robes. Mini-massage sessions available for a small fee.

6pm to 10pm – drop-in
$15.00 per person includes use of towels & robes, hot tea
$10.00 seniors & students

We have two salt glows right now to choose from. Last year's P0megranate Orange and the Mango Geranium will be available for your scrubbing pleasure.

Please remember to park on the street so the spaces in the lot are available for those with mobility issues.

See you there!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for having such an incredible place to perform my craft in a way that is beneficial to others. The Little Red Day Spa is such a magical place for me. I am pleased to be a part of it.

Before I head out to what is sure to be a marvelous dinner with family, I want to remind you of the Little Red Studio's Black Friday Holiday Bazaar that will be going on tomorrow from 11am until 7pm at the Little Red Bistro and the Little Red Studio. We have so many people who are ready to put their art and hand crafted goods up for your perusal and purchase that we will be taking over the whole place!

Cheri and I will have a table for our very own spa products. There are 3 kinds of salt scrubs, massage oils, body mists and gift bags. My essential oil kit is already packed so that I can do custom oil and fragrance blends throughout the day.

Other cool stuff available: the very first LRS book of poetry, Jeff Hengst's paintings and works on paper, abstract paintings by Terry Johnson, sculptures, framed and unframed photography by Jim Duvall, jewelry by a few different artists including Kirsten Lauzon, knitted hats and scarves, metal art, hand crafted candles and glass art.

Oh! I almost forgot the tarot card readings that will be available on a first come first serve basis with Julie Hekate in the Bistro.

Little Red Studio’s Answer to Black Friday
A Holiday Bazaar
Friday, November 27th
Hours: 11AM until 7PM
Location: 400 Dexter Ave N. Seattle, WA 98109
Admission is free

Monday, November 23, 2009

Little Red Studio’s Answer to Black Friday

A Holiday Bazaar
Friday, November 27th – 11AM until 7PM

Last year’s after Thanksgiving Holiday Bazaar was so much fun, we decided that we would include other Seattle artists in on our fun this time around. The Little Red Studio is pleased to be able to offer you a beautiful venue to browse the work of more than 20 local artists and crafters. Painters, photographers, sculptors, jewelry makers, herbalists, knitters and glass artists are just a few of the artisans signed up, to give you an idea of the variety in store for you. The Little Red Day Spa will have an assortment of their custom spa products available for purchase. Services such as custom blending of massage oils and fragrances and tarot card readings will be offered throughout the day.

Of special note is the availability of the first printing of “The Little Red Anthology” which is a collection of classic Little Red Studio poetry by Eileen Fix, David Jones and all the other poets’ voices you have enjoyed over the years at shows. Many of the published poets will be on hand to sign your copy of the book and perhaps even give an impromptu reading.

The Little Red Bistro will of course be open all day to satisfy your hunger and thirst, as well as selling gift certificates.

So if you love to shop for the holidays but want to avoid the corporate marketing and retail craziness, then consider coming around and seeing the fine art, crafts, jewelry and other handmade gifts on display.

There are a few spaces left for vendors. If you are interested in joining the Little Red Studio on Friday November 27th and showing your art or hand crafted wares, please email us at lrsadmin@gmail.com or call (206)328-4758.

Hours: 11AM until 7PM
Location: 400 Dexter Ave N. Seattle, WA 98109
Admission is free

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Every Sunday, I read the PostSecret blog. PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard. It's a heaping dose of humanity. I love the roller-coaster ride of emotions it elicits and it gives me a chance to reflect on a myriad of subjects.

While reading this weeks postcards, I came upon this one: "my crowded commute on the metro is the most physical contact I ever really get" And I was greatly saddened to think of all the people who don't have enough touch in their daily lives. America is still a society that has very little casual physical contact. This is why massage and Watsu so dear to me. Especially Watsu with the close contact while being cradled by your practitioner in the water. Having that much touch nourishes our emotional body as well as our physical body.

Ladies' Spa Night is this Monday! Cheri, Priya and I will be holding court from 6-9pm at the Little Red Day Spa. Come soak with us and get some touch!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tuesday is "Drop-in Day"


Every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Little Red Day Spa will be open for "dropping-in".

Cheri will be present to welcome you and help with creating a deeply relaxing environment.
This is open to everyone - no appointment necessary.

$15.00 entry fee
$10.00 entry for Seniors, Students and LRS troupe members

$10.00 mini massage sessions available upon request.

Come soak in the jetted hot tub, experience the sculptural clay application and seasonal salt glows and luxuriate in the large stone shower.

Robes, towels and hot tea provided. Or bring your own!

For more information, you can call (206)963-0772 or email relax@LittleRedDaySpa.com.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Go to a play; get a spa coupon!

Tonight is the opening night of our first full length, erotic play, No More Than Reason. At turns both funny and touching, No More Than Reason is being shown in showcase at the Little Red Studio for four nights only, from November 19th through the 22nd with all shows starting at 8PM. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

As a special treat, anyone who attends the play on any of the four nights it is showing, will receive a gift certificate for a free one hour private rental (a $50 value.) This certificate can be redeemed anytime you purchase and enjoy a regular priced spa session.

Advance Tickets are now available on Brown Paper Tickets or in person at our box office located in the Little Red Bistro during business hours.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Come sell your art!

Little Red Studio's Black Friday Art Bazaar - 11/27, 11am -7pm

Jeff has tasked me with organizing this year's Bizarre Bazaar. I really like the idea of having an alternative to the traditional Black Friday hoopla. This will be a relaxed affair full of art and hand made items. This year we have the Bistro operating to nourish you and your patrons, making this a lovely experience.

This is an open call for vendors. This year we have space for a lot more vendors. There will be a few tables in the Bistro and all of Harrison to make your art available for purchase. This is a loosely curated Bazaar. While not every piece of art needs to be approved, I will be asking to see a representative portion of your work. I want to have a variety of art mediums and hand-crafted items available to our community.

***Please email lrsadmin@gmail.com with questions or to start the process of registering.

Who is eligible to sell stuff at the LRS Bazaar:
- any artist with original art work (Putting Uncle Bob's old photos up for sale is not allowed unless you have painted over it or in some other way incorporated it into your art.)
- any maker or crafter of hand made products
- any performer with works of their art (example: a dancer can sell dvd's of their performing or teaching but not of random dance performances they were not involved in.)
- any one with services that can be given during the Bazaar, such as Tarot card readings, massages, custom made art, etc...

Table Fees: (Payable at time of set up.)

Non-Troupe members: Small table (approx. 3 foot square) - $20, Large Table (conference sized) - $40
Non Troupe member artists can share a table with a Troupe member for half off the Table Fee.

Money issues:

- Everyone is encouraged to start the day with their own cash bank of small bills.
- Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying all applicable sales tax.
- The Bistro cannot make change without a purchase.
- Use of the LRS credit card machine is available to all Bazaar vendors for a 5% fee.


400 Dexter Ave. N. Seattle 98109

I will, of course, be there with Cheri, offering up our spa products. This last week has been a lot of fun developing new packages and products for the Bazaar. Come smell and see what new things we have cooked up for you to pamper yourself with at home.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A note from Cheri:

This Sunday is the drop-in event that Sophia recently wrote about - I would like to convey my personal account of the experience.

It was a blast!

I had one of the most enjoyable experiences ever that night! It was beautiful! Many moments pop out for me when I reflect back,
but I delightfully recall the experience of giving a massage near the hot tub and glancing over to the other side of the room and witnessing a dozen bodies joyfully covered in mud (sculptural clay)! It was like looking at fine art sculptures coming to life - in my imagination I thought of the "after hours" in the art museum where the stone sculptures climb off their pedestals and have a celebration after the spectators (museum guests) leave for the day and the doors are locked up tight. Certainly a cause for a party where they can move their bodies freely and tell the stories they've been holding in all day! Pour some wine and feed each other delicious food samples they've wondered about. Frolicking freely until it's time to resume the work they were created to do.

Ok - another highlight - the men exclaiming about the softness of their skin at the end of the night on their way out the door - Yes!!!

Come join in - Ladies invite some men you know and love or want to know better... And gentlemen - find a gal to invite you and come experience the joy of deeply relaxing and the benefit of leaving with very soft skin!

Cheri Rae, LMP
Little Red Day Spa

Friday, November 13, 2009

Playing with stereotypes.

The Pink Show
Saturday, November 14th @ 9PM

Join the LRS Troupe and guests Captain Smartypants as they explore all things pink and why it is that color is so gay. Some of Smartypants greatest and gayest hits will be featured, such as Drama Queen, Heterosexuals and Stonewall Serenade. Interactive poetry, a no-holds-barred question and answer session, several scenes from gay life blend fantastically with costumes, dance and
a benediction you won't forget.

Where: 400 Dexter Ave N.
How Much: $25 in advance or $30 on the night of the show

Advance tickets can be purchased online at Brown Paper Tickets or in person at our new box office in the Little Red Bistro during business hours.

This will be the second of three showings of LRS' collaboration with Captain Smartypants. I am not in this show, as I am taking my place as the Box Office Maven. (Doesn't that sounds so much more interesting than Ticket Salesperson. Spicing up one's titles and job descriptions is a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.)

I am planning on checking out the show this time. Last month, I was a little leery of the subject matter. Not the gay part, but the playing with stereotypes and poking fun at prejudices. I have a strong belief that one shouldn't reinforce undesirable concepts by bringing attention to them. I was worried that it might end up being a little preachy, too, in all honesty. But so far, everyone I have talked to who attended the show has mentioned how much fun they had, and how it was mostly light-hearted, with a few somber moments.

Sounds like a good blend. Not to mention, I am a sucker for musicals, and Captain Smartypants is comprised of singers who are also members of the Seattle Men Chorus.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Break out the citrus oils!

Most citrus essential oils create a photo-sensitizing reaction in the skin. It is recommended that one avoid direct sunlight and tanning beds after an application of bergamot, orange, lemon, etc.. essential oils. It is for this one half of the reason that the Pomegranate Tangerine Salt Scrub is only around in late autumn and early winter. I had quite an internal struggle with the pairing of an oil with the Mango salt scrub I made last August for the first time. The Bergamot was a nice combination, but in the end I decided it was safer to go with the Geranium, which has become one of the recipes that will be repeated.

With the day's getting shorter, and what sunlight we have becoming less intense, citrus oils can be used more readily. Interestingly enough, most citrus oils have anti-depressant qualities so increased use during the winter is not only safer, but can be used to uplift mood.

My current blend for the Spa's scented massage oil is a combination of Sweet Orange, Black Pepper, Lavendar and Rosemary in a base of Grapeseed oil. This is a happy, light scent that is also great for sore muscles.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ladies' Spa night tonight!

2nd and 4th Monday of every month

Women's Nights are a casual and social evening. Cheri & I will be there to welcome you and facilitate use of the spa's equipment. Enjoy clay, salt scrubs and massage for you and your friends to pamper each other. For an extra fee, one can get a short massage with Priya during the evening. We will have some nibbles, please feel free to bring something tasty to share.

6-9 pm drop-in, $15.00 per person
1506 Franklin Ave. E. Seattle
Please park on the street so that the spaces in our lot are available for those with mobility issues.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Report on the new spa night.

A few guests have mentioned to me how much they wished we still did a "Couple's Spa Night". As an event, it was very hit and miss. Some evenings were fun and relaxing, and others were tense and quiet as pairs of people moved around the space trying to have a private experience in a semi-public venue. It was obvious to me that, for some of the couple's attending, their needs would have been better met during a private rental.

Hardly the type of atmosphere found during Ladies' Spa Night, which has become quite social in nature. I have nurtured an inclusive culture by introducing everyone as they arrive, to everyone already present. This has become a standard behavior of the regular guests, as well. I often am told that people have already introduced themselves before I get a chance. This one little thing has made it a welcoming space, without being cloying.

For a while now, women who have been enjoying Ladies' Spa Night have made comments along the lines of "I wish I could bring my boyfriend with me, he'd love the clay" or "My sweetie is so jealous that he can't come, too."

Cheri had the brilliant idea that there should be a night that women could bring their male partners to enjoy the spa, too. (The women with female partners already are taken care of.) An evening directly tied to the culture of Ladies' Night. With the social and relaxation aspects in tact, she was confident the awkwardness of the previous Couple's Nights would be avoided. Hence, the "Ladies and the Men they Invite" Spa Night was born.

The first two have gone very well with good attendance. last week's was infiltrated by a group of friends who took up most of the spa. They were a fun group and one of the other couple's reported to me that she and her sweetie had a relaxing time and even got caught up and included in the big group's frivolity.

The next one is a week from today, on November 15th. This is a drop in night from 6pm - 9pm, $15 per person.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Gold show tonight!

If you are looking for something fun to do on a blustery Friday night, come join us in the warm, fun atmosphere of the Little Red Studio.

This particular show has a lot of musical numbers by 4 different singers in the troupe! Tonight will welcome back a comedian who used to frequent LRS "back in the day" when we only had performances at the Franklin studios. I have a new aerial piece I am ready to debut. And, of course, we will have all the usual possibilities for fun with body painting, costuming, the dance party and decorative rope bondage!

Where: 400 Dexter Ave N.
How Much: $25 in advance or $30 on the night of the show

Advance tickets can be purchased online at Brown Paper Tickets. Tickets can be purchased at the box office the night of a show until the show starts at 9pm.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Go look!

The Little Red Day Spa web site has gotten a facelift! Please go look around and email us at Relax@LittleRedDaySpa.com to tell us what you think. We're still working on it, so any feedback on what you miss about the old design, or something you thought would have been helpful, will be most appreciated.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Join us for our Halloween Bash!

Saturday, October 31st @ 9:30PM

One of our biggest parties of the year - this event will take place inside both the Little Red Studio and the Little Red Bistro. Party starts at 9:30pm and will roar on until 2am. Arrive at any time!

There will be dancing to two DJ's throughout the night as well as the studio's signature sexy entertainment and activities, including our ever-popular photo booth!

We also have gotten a permit to serve alcohol inside the main studio as well as in the Bistro - so this event will be strictly 21 and over.

Costumes are encouraged!!!

How Much: $15 in Advance or $20 on the night of the event

Advance Tickets are now available on Brown Paper Tickets or in person at our box office located in the Little Red Bistro during business hours.

As an important note of interest, you must buy a separate ticket for The Dreaming: An Erotic Haunted House. I highly encourage buying your tickets for the show in advance, as some shows are already sold out.

Update: Here is a link to the Seattle Weekly coverage of The Dreaming.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm back!

I just got back from a trip to Chicago and today is where I play catch up. I had a great vacation visiting friends. I feel really lucky to have had a little time off because now it is jumping right back into the grind with The Dreaming: An Erotic Haunted House. This is the Little red Studio's Halloween show and it will be running twice a night through Oct. 31st, with a special Family Friendly version on November 1st at 6:30pm. I am helping out with box office, so whether you get your tickets online or take your chances and buy at the door, I'll get to say "Hi" to you.

Remember, you can always come early before the show to enjoy the Little Red Bistro's tapas menu or drinks. Although, after seeing "The Dreaming" I would highly suggest you budget time to sit and talk about the show afterward. It is quite bizarre and will require some debriefing for most people. I certainly needed to process what I had just seen!

Tonight is Women's Spa Night and Pryia will be back helping me and Cheri give massages. I am very pleased to announce that she has agreed to come back and offer massage on a regular basis on the 2nd and 4th Mondays!

Women's Nights are a casual and social evening. Practitioners are present to welcome you and facilitate use of the spa's equipment. Enjoy clay, salt scrubs and massage for you and your friends to pamper each other. For an extra fee, one can get a short massage during the evening from our massage therapist on staff.

6-9 pm drop-in
$15.00 per person
1506 Franklin Ave. E. Seattle, 98102

Friday, October 16, 2009

Change in Payment Policy

The Little Red Day Spa is reverting to a "cash only" payment system for an indeterminate period of time. If you have already paid a deposit on a spa session via credit card, don't worry, that is still valid. The balance of your payment should be in cash at the time of your appointment.

There are a lot of accounting reasons why we are doing this, some of which are confidential, some of which are too boring to mention.

Thank you for your cooperation with this new policy. Or if you have been coming to the spa for a while, going back to our old policy.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Since I am the director...

I may not be the director of the Day Spa anymore, but now I am the Gold Show Director for the Little Red Studio. I will probably end up talking about that more in the blog. I suppose I should change the name of the blog, but the Spa and the Studio are so entwined, that I don't think it too odd for me to talk about both of them in the same venue.

If you feel like spending this Friday evening dancing, laughing and playing with me, go buy a ticket here. On the 16th we will have our regular Gold Show, if you can call that particular event regular. On Saturday the 17th, we'll have a special "Gold Medallion" show that will start an hour earlier, at 8pm, for a special unveiling ceremony before the show begins. Both shows are going to be great fun.

Hope I see you there!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A new spa night coming

I'm giving an early heads up for a new event at the Little Red Day Spa. So new that we are announcing it here at tonight's Women's Spa Night for the first time. I figured I should jump on the computer and make a note here, too. This is such a new development that we haven't even had a chance to change the web site yet.

Men's Spa Night is no longer being hosted at the Little Red Day Spa. In it's place on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, we will host "Women and the Men they Invite" Spa Night. So many regular Ladies' Night attendees have mentioned wishing they could bring their partners that it was the logical choice for our next event. The first one will be next Sunday, October 18th, opening at 6pm and going until 9pm. this is a drop in evening.

For more information, please give Cheri or I a call at (206)963-0772 or email us at relax@LittleRedDaySpa.com.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

How I know what muscle to work on...

Well, I just know most of the time. I listen to what people tell me, watch how they move and don't move their budy and I have a good idea of where to start looking. A good portion of the time, I'm in exactly the right spot.

I read the book, "Blink" and got a sneak peek into how people make snap decisions and why sometimes they are the perfect decisions, and when they aren't. I highly recommend this book. Absolutely fascinating!

Blink Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yoga & Sound Meditation at LRS

This Sunday, Oct. 4th, the Little Red Studio and the Little Red Bistro will be hosting two events that will be free to the public. The yoga hour is a recurring event, every Sunday morning. The hour of sound meditation is a special event

Sunday Morning Yoga with Joe Graham
Time: 9:30am - 10:30am

Join Joe for a special yoga session emphasizing full body stretching, breathing, relaxation techniques, and developing mind-body awareness. What a great way to greet the morning!

Special "Sound Meditation and Mantras" workshop with Melissa Rosenberger
Time: 10:45am - 11:45am

Sound has been used for centuries to create altered states of consciousness and promote states of well-being and balance.

Sound has profound and measurable effects on the brainwave state and physiological functions of the body. In these sessions we will explore the use of sound as a tool for meditation and transformation. Sound is a tool we all have access to, and is a great way of meditating especially for those who have not tried meditation before or who want to incorporate sound into their meditation routine.

Melissa Rosenberger is a musician, healer, and teacher. She has studied music for most of her life, and has degrees in neurobiology, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine. Melissa is also a certified shamanic practitioner. For more information check out her website: www.melissarosenberger.com

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back on Schedule.

Women's Spa Night is on for tomorrow night, with a new face! This Monday will be the first of what I hope is many Women's Spa Nights with Priya joining me and Cheri in welcoming you into the Little Red Day Spa.

Priya was one of the first people I met when I joined the Little Red Studio back in the summer of 2004. She did massage during the shows when they were back at the "old studio" that is now the Spa. She will be providing mini massages through the course of the evening each 2nd and 4th Monday until she gets tired of us. I am very excited because this means there will be more massage slots open and Cheri and I will be able to take turns focusing on hosting.

I have encouraged Priya to come and spend the first hour soaking and chatting with everyone before she starts giving massages. Please introduce yourself to her and get on the list for a 7-10 minute massage!

Ladies' Spa Night - 2nd and 4th Monday of the Month
Drop In: 6-9pm
Cost: $15
Little Red Day Spa
1506 Franklin Ave. E. Seattle

These nights are designed to be a casual and social evening. There will be a practitioner present to make you feel welcome and facilitate use of the spa's equipment. There will be areas set up for clay, salt scrubs and massage for you and your friends to pamper each other. For an extra fee, one can get a short massage during the evening from our massage therapist on staff.

Please call 206-963-0772 or e-mail Sophia@hengststudio.com for more information. Parking on the street is requested so that the parking spaces in the lot are reserved for those with mobility issues.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This weekend coming up.

The Spa is being taken over for two very different events Friday and Saturday. If you have always wanted to check out the spa, here is your chance to see it while it is being used for another event. Sorry I didn't warn you in advance. I have been processing an incredibly transformative Creative Movement session with Cody, where we delved into dealing with the grief of my grandfather's passing. I am still working out how to talk about it, so keep your eye out for a post about it soon.

"Little Red Blues" dance lesson & blues party, Every 2nd & 4th Friday, 8pm-3am

This Friday the Bistro is being rented out for a private event, so this night only we will be moving Little Red Blues to the Hengst Upper Studio & Spa, running two dance rooms, and adding some very special activities to embellish the evening!


Hengst Studio & the Little Red Day Spa
1506 Franklin Ave East, Seattle, WA 98102


8-9pm: Blues Dance Lesson in the Upper Studio (all levels welcome, no partner needed)
9pm-midnight: The spa will be open, playing soulful, jazzy, alternative blues. Poetry and spoken word will take place between sets. Swim suits required for use of the spa hot tub.

9pm-3am: The Upper Studio will be playing the full spectrum of blues music, spun by our fabulous dancing DJ's

10pm til late: Fireside chatting on the patio, roasting marshmallow's and making s'mores.


$8.00 for lesson and dance,
$5 for students with ID
(cash or check at the door)

And even though I think the reservation list is full, there is a Little Red Speakeasy on Saturday evening, which you need to be on the spa and LRS email newsletter list to be invited.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I apologize for the short notice. This is looking like it will be a great event that will become a monthly occurrence. To get the latest Little Red Day Spa and Little Red Studio happenings, sign up for our newsletter.

New Moon Yoga Retreat

The changing of the seasons has always been an auspicious time of rebirth and renewal, so come enjoy an evening of relaxing Yoga, Meditation, and chanting On the weekend of the new moon, and Unwind and recharge yourself before the first day of autumn on the 22nd.

This retreat is taught in a secular format which is open to those of all beliefs. And will teach you to relax and balance your body through slow and purposeful stretching, attune your mind, body, and spirit through chanting, and to increase your focus and awareness through meditation.

8pm—10pm Yoga

10pm—10:30pm Meal break - (provided by the Little Red Bistro)

10:30pm - 11:30pm Chanting and Meditation

11:30pm—Midnight Open discussion, question and answer session or

have a relaxing soak in our hot tub.

Fee is $30.00 per person ( meal included )

For questions or to make reservations please call


Monday, September 14, 2009

9/14 Ladies' Night Canceled!

Due to illness, tonight's Ladies' Spa Night is being canceled. Unfortunately, the 2 main people that need to be well for this event to happen, are not.

I apologize for the short notice. Please pass this around to your friends that you know enjoy Ladies' Spa Night.

Pardon me, I am going to go crawl back in bed with my tea and rest up, now.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Yumminess to come!

Cheri and I just finished a meeting with Jim and Noel, the general manager and assistant general manager of the Bistro. We discussed having special platters for Spa guests to choose from, getting those photographed for the web site and a menu being up on the web site, as well. This is all getting so very official!

They were a treat to deal with. We will be using the Little Red Bistro from this point on for catered spa sessions. I was imagining we may have to go elsewhere when having someone with dietary restrictions make a reservation, but Jim assured me that they could come up with vegan and gluten-free options.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Win $$$ for SEAF

Please go the the Pride Foundation's web site and sign up for their raffle denoting the Seattle Erotic Art Festival as your favorite non-profit organization. If you win, the Pride Foundation will make a $2,500 donation to SEAF in your name.

Please hurry, the deadline in September 15th, 2009.

Thank you in advance from your doting Lead Docent,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sept. 12th & 13th.

The Little Red Studio is holding it's annual retreat this coming weekend. This means that a limited number of practitioners will be available as half of the Spa staff will be at the Retreat. This weekend, Courtnee and Dion will be on staff to take good care of you. If you haven't worked with either of them yet, this is your chance!

Please contact us sooner rather than later with an email at relax@LittleRedDaySpa.com or call us at (206)963-0772 to schedule your appointment for this weekend.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Changes are afoot!

I am no longer the Director of the Little Red Day Spa. My official title is Spa Manager and Cheri, whom many of you have worked with as a spa practitioner, is now the Director and will be shepherding the Spa form this date forward. It is a very interesting dynamic. Cheri is my superior and will be making decisions regarding the larger picture decisions, marketing and organizational systems while looking to me to implement these new systems. However, I will manage her as one of the practitioners in the day to day operations of the Spa.

I am very pleased with this development. We have gotten so busy that I have been doing little more than keeping everything going. I was feeling guilty that I had fallen behind in the marketing development I had been charged with by Jeff. I also find that I was not exceptionally suited to that type of work, either. Cheri, on the other hand, is. Go, Cheri!

A big change is the contact email for the Spa has changed to Relax@LittleRedDaySpa.com. My email at HengstStudio.com still works, and I will endeavor to affect a gentle switch over. Unfortunately, the company that hosts our website is updating their servers, so the site will not reflect this new email address until the 11th or 12th. overall, I am pleased about this because now I can take time off and not worry about whether emails will get answered in case I forgot to give my password to someone else or not.

Other changes to come include create your own private "Spa Night" event during the day or evening and new spa sessions.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yoga at LRS on 9/5

I just got word of an event that will be held this Labor Day weekend at the Studio. Please not that this is not taking place at the Spa, but in the Little Red Studio where there is plenty of room for everyone to stretch out. (No pun intended.)

Special Yoga Workshop with Joe Graham
SATURDAY, Sept 5th

TIME: 2:00 - 3:00pm
COST: $8.00 (or $5.00 with Bistro Special, see below)
WHERE: Little Red Studio, 400 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, WA

Join Joe for a special yoga session emphasizing full body stretching, breathing, relaxation techniques, and developing mind-body awareness. The hot tub will be open afterward for your further relaxation and enjoyment! (Please bring a swimming suit)

BISTRO SPECIAL: Come early for a bite or a drink in the Bistro and receive $3.00 off of the workshop price. ($4.00 min purchase required)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gift Certificates Available!

The other day I posted about holidays, not thinking farther ahead than Labor Day. A dear friend of mine mentioned having finished Christmas shopping for 3 people so far. She keeps her eyes open throughout the year for gifts to give at Christmas.

So, in the spirit of planning ahead, I would like to let you all know that the Little Red Day Spa has gift certificates available starting at $80. One of the great things about giving your sweetie a gift certificate to the Little Red Day Spa is that you can join them in redeeming it! You can choose a dollar amount that your beloved can apply to the session of their choice, or you can pay for a specific session. Spa sessions prices are based on time and number of practitioners. There is no extra charge for coming in as a couple.

1 practitioner - $150 for 90 minutes, $200 for 120 minutes.
2 practitioners - $160 for 60 minutes, $225 for 90 minutes, $300 for 120 minutes.
Therapeutic massage and Watsu sessions are $80 for a 50-minute session.

You can also purchase gift certificates for a private rental. During a rental, I orient you with the amenities (hot tub, clay, bodypaints, etc..) and the equipment in the spa before leaving you to enjoy the Spa by yourselves.

$75 for the first hour and $50 each additional hour.
$50 per hour in conjunction with a spa session or massage, such as the Couple's Getaway Package.

All gift certificates come with a card to write a message in. You can either schedule a time to come into the spa and purchase a gift certificate, or you can use a credit card over the phone and we will mail it to you or the recipient. We accept cash, checks, visa or mastercard.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The holiday week(end) is coming.

Most holidays don't affect the operating hours of the spa since we have so many practitioners with different lifestyles. With Labor Day coming up close, this one may be the hardest to schedule. Please call a little early than normal for an appointment next week. I have quite a few people who are planning on taking time to enjoy a last hurrah of summer late next week.

I will be teaching a couple anatomy classes out at Paradise Unbound, which is a camping event for the sex positive community held out near Redmond. I am happy to share my knowledge to help people keep safe and informed during their explorations. In previous years I have received bodywork from a gentleman who will be teaching massage classes this year. I have seen him teach before and he is quite good.

Men's Spa Night is hosting an extra evening at the Little Red day Spa is Sunday the 30th of August in honor of Richard being in town this week. If you are interested in attending, email Sophia@HengstStusio.com and I will get you in touch with Dion and Richard. Also, because of the holiday weekend, there is some question as to whether the 1st Sunday Men's Night will go on as usual. I will let you know by Tuesday or Wednesday what has been decided.

A yoga workshop has been scheduled on Saturday September 5th at 2pm over at the Harrison space, behind the Bistro. It's still in the planning stages, so the only information I have is that it will be 90 minutes long and there is a chance it may become a regular or semi-regular event. I wish we could host this in the spa, however, there is so much more floor space available in the Little Red Studio on Harrison St. Once day, when we get a new building for the Spa, I will be able to host yoga classes. Richard is going to be enrolling in a yoga instructor training program this fall. It would be a treat to be able to have room for him to hold classes at the spa. Some day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"The L Date"

During last Monday's Ladies' Spa Night, I met two lovely women, partners Day and Jenifa, who are putting on a benefit for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training program. The benefit is in the form of a date auction for lesbians, which I thought was a fun idea.

After Day's uncle was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer early this year, they volunteered to fund raise for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. As part of their fund raising efforts, they decided to host the First Annual Seattle Lesbian Date Auction. There will be a raffle for 8 pairs of Seattle storm box tickets, a silent auction and date packages for the date winners. Even if you aren't looking for Ms. Right, consider going to bid on the silent auction items and meet these fabulous women.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Mornings and Monday Nights.

Monday mornings are now, for the foreseeable future, reserved for getting the spa cleaned by someone besides me! This is terribly exciting. I am very pleased to be answering emails, writing a blog post and answering the phone right now while a wonderful woman is in the spa dusting, scrubbing, disinfecting and tidying. Thank to those of you who gave recommendations for cleaning services.

Tonight is the last Ladies' Spa Night of the summer, which also means it is the last chance to take advantage of the flexible summer hours. If you would like to be able to enjoy the Little Red Day Spa until 10pm tonight, please call 206-963-0772 or email Sophia@HengstStudio.com before 5pm today and I will make sure to stay open an hour later than usual.

Ladies' Spa Night - 2nd and 4th Monday of the Month
Drop In: 6-9pm
Cost: $15
1506 Franklin Ave. E. Seattle

Please park on the street, leaving the parking spaces in our lot for those with mobility issues. Please do not park in the lined parking spaces in the middle of the lot. Thank you and see you tonight!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Go see a show! Or two!

Last night I was lucky enough to be invites to see the musical "Catch Me if You Can", which was playing at the gorgeous 5th Avenue Theater. This was an exceptionally well done production. The sets were amazing and the mechanics of the changing of the sets was very impressive. The singers/actors were great, over all, with a few outstanding gems. I have a very soft spot in my heart for musicals and this one with be among my favorites. After the show, we stopped by the Little Red Bistro for dessert and had gave our review to the bartender, Noel.

On the other end of the theatrical spectrum,as well as the other end of the week, the Little Red Studio has a Gold show this coming Friday. I am working on a new act for this show. Tomorrow, when I have what I hope will be the final rehearsal, my partner and I will set it to music. Tickets can be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets or reserved by calling (206) 328-4758.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Web changes coming.

Over the next month or so, I will be working on updating the spa web site. Enough little changes have come and spawned other little changes that it can no longer be put off. This is also the perfect time to codify new and refined policies. And how about a Frequently Asked Questions page? After 3 and a half years, we definitely have questions that get asked over and over. Admittedly, those questions are what made me realize that we needed a web update.

The testimonial page needs some new blood, too. If you have a story about your visit to the Little Red Day Spa that you would like to share with the world, please email Sophia@HengstStudio.com and I will add it to the web page.

Monday, August 10, 2009

New scrub for Ladies' Night!

I had a lot of fun creating the new salt scrub. With Kerry, our office manager and LRS' theatrical director, lending her nose to the cause, the new combination is Mangoes and Geranium essential oil. While geranium can be an overly floral scent for some, the mango keeps it at bay and it makes for a heady yet mellow aroma.

On a not unrelated note, last week I got new furniture for the spa. Rearranging and sorting all of my supplies turned out to be incredibly fruitful. (No pun intended.) I found a jar of the Lime Avocado and Peppermint scrub hiding behind a few empty jars! This recipe is my favorite so far and I am excited to not have to wait until next spring or summer to make it again. This means that tonight there will be a choice of Lime or Mango salt scrubs.

Ladies' Spa Night

Drop In: 6-9pm
Cost: $15
Little Red Day Spa
1506 Franklin Ave. E. Seattle

Please remember that if you want to take advantage of the extended hours, email Sophia@HengstStudio.com or call me at 206-963-0772 by 5pm today so that arrangements can be made to have staff there until 10pm.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Know a good cleaning service?

I joke that Spa Director translates as hot tub repair technician, but the truth is that the title has a lot of different hats that accompany the glory or directing and stewarding the spa.

I am ready to give up one of the hats, and that is of cleaning person. I am now looking for either a service or an individual that cleans homes and offices as their vocation. this is not a position that I am looking to hire someone for, rather I want a contractor with whom to engage their services. If you are such a person, or know someone who does cleaning service, please email Sophia@HengstStudio.com the pertinent contact information.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Switching to email based scheduling.

Effective immediately! (I love how important that sounds.)

If you would like to make a spa session or have questions regarding the spa, please email Sophia@HengstStudio.com. Email has proved to be a much more effective tool in meeting our guests needs. From this point forward the phone will be used to confirm appointments and as a back up means of communication.

Email is checked frequently throughout the day, where as the phone messages will be collected once each day.

Remember to include your phone number when emailing me about scheduling a spa session. All first time appointments must be confirmed via phone.

Blood Drive at LRS - 8/21/09

Organizing a blood drive have been on Jeff's list of things he wants Little Red Studio to do for many years now. The logistics of coordinating this is quite a bit more than any of us expected. There are restrictions of who can give blood. Please check out the guidelines to see if you can donate. If you aren't eligible to donate, please consider volunteering an hour of your time during the drive doing non-medical duties.

Excerpt of an email from Jeff Hengst-
We are hosting the Puget Sound Blood Center's Blood Mobile at LRS for our next Gold Show on the 21st of August. Part of LRS's mission is to help us all gain a better understanding of how the Gift economy and the Money economy can elide or work together and support each other. For many of us, these two "economies" are ill understood and confusing especially when they collide or attempt to overlap. This is nowhere more true and challenging than what we do with our own bodies. Blood is donated and then sold. How is that tenable? Our art is donated by the Troupe's artists, but admission is charged at the door. How does that work?

Obviously we would like you to consider donating blood. Just as important to us, is that we would like this to spark conversation about all of this.

Anybody who does donate blood on the 21st will be offered free dinner at the Bistro and a ticket to the show that night! Please give us a call at (206) 963-0633 if you are interested. We need to assure the Blood Mobile that we will have 35 donors.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Three Night Stand: A Dance Concert

Friday & Saturday, August 7-8 @ 9PM
Sunday, August 9 @ 8PM

Once again, the Little Red Studio is thrilled to offer an entire evening dedicated to the art of dance and movement. Often seen as part of our other shows, it's our chance to highlight this particular art form for you, our audience, as well as for our choreographers, dancers and physical performers.

"Three Night Stand" will offer a wide array of dance formats - everything from Jazz and Modern to Waltz, Tango and Belly Dance. Including choreography from Daniela Maurie, Cody Strauss, Kerry Christianson, Simonne Garrigues and more - this show promises to be a delightful visual feast of the physical side of art!

Where: 400 Dexter Ave N.
How Much: $20
You can purchase your tickets online at Brown Paper Tickets or reserve them by calling 206-328-4758.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blues Dance Workshop at LRS

Blues Dance Workshop (& late night hot-tubbing) with Ari Levitt & Gin Kirn
Tues, August 11th (One night only!)
7:00 - 9:30 PM

Get yourself ready for the Little Red Blues Bash on Aug 14th with this essential “blues basics” dance class from two of Seattle's finest blues dancers and teachers. No partner needed. No experience necessary. All dance levels welcome!

Learn the fundamentals of blues movement, styling, musicality and connection -- all you need to know to start having fun on the dance floor! -- then relax with some hot-tubbing afterwards at Seattle's newest and hippest blues venue...


7:00pm – 9:30pm dance class with Ari & Gin

9:30pm – 10:00pm dance practice and one-on-one coaching

10:00pm till late: Bring a swimsuit to enjoy hot tubbing at the Little Red Studio


$25.00 ($20.00 with Bistro Special, see below...)
Price includes lesson, dance, coaching, and hot-tubbing!

No pre-registration. Please pay at the door.

BISTRO SPECIAL: Come early for dinner and/or drinks, show your bistro receipt at the door ($5.00 min purchase required), and receive $5.00 off the lesson and dance!!


Little Red Studio

400 Dexter Ave N, Seattle WA 98109 (on the corner of Dexter & Harrison in South Lake Union)

Phone: 206 328-5981


Friday, July 31, 2009

Weathering the heat.

Summer is often a hard time for me to go to work, since the spa is a little like a cave. Normally, it's difficult to miss out on being in the sunshine. These last few days have been lovely in the coolness of the spa.

We discovered that 97 degrees is the perfect temperature for the hot tub when it's hot like it has been. Warm enough that it still relaxes the muscles but cool enough to be comfortable. We'll keep the tub temperature lower for the rest of the summer or until it cools off significantly. I also added peppermint essential oil to the clay so that it has a cooling effect. That is quite the decadent treat after getting floated into a blissful state.

We'll be taking these fun ways of cooling down to tonight's Gold Show at the Little Red Studio.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aquatic Rejuvenation

Courtnee, Cheri & I got together for a watsu practice session the other day. Cheri attended a Watsu workshop at Breitenbush Hot Springs last month and was sharing her tidbits of new information.

The practice session steadily shifted course away from the more clinical forms that Cheri learned. We started exploring various ways to use our whole bodies during the stretches and different ways to hold someone so that more massage could be done. The "noodles", that have until this point in time only been used to add buoyancy, were pressed into service to hold up the neck, thereby freeing both hands. With this configuration we were able to get more dynamic stretches, massage the body from numerous angles and incorporate more fascial pulls. It was an incredibly informative and fun exercise.

I have been experimenting as people come in for sessions that include watsu and it's unanimous that it is just as relaxing and even more soothing.

We need a new name for this type of bodywork. For a while now I have been using Water Contact Massage as a way to differentiate what we do from the traditional forms of Watsu. Much less of a mouthful would be better. Also, having a name that expressed the flowing and improvisational nature that could give people more of an idea of what they were signing up for would be ideal. Names in the running are in the vein of Aquatic Bodywork. This is much more difficult than I thought.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Update: 7/27 Ladies' Night

I have received 2 emails and will be extending tomorrow's hours until 10pm. Feel free to stop by anytime tonight between 6pm and 10pm for Ladies' Spa Night.

Reminder about "summer hours"

Tomorrow is Ladies' Spa Night and I wanted to let everyone know that the extended hours are still available as long as I get 2 or more women to RSVP by noon on Monday.

Ladies' Night official hours will remain 6pm - 9pm every 2nd and 4th Monday, and with prior arrangement, I will extend the evening to 10pm. To make your "late" reservations for Ladies' Spa Night, on July 27th, please give me a call at (206) 963-0772 or email me: Sophia@HengstStudio.com.

I am a bit behind on coming up with a recipe for the new salt scrub, so we may have another batch of the Lime for the evening.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Bash and Grand Opening join forces!

Little Red Studio Summer Bash & Little Red Bistro Grand Opening!!!

Saturday - July 25th @ 9PM

Once again we're throwing a big Summer Bash - complete with entertainment and one of our favorite dance bands - The Nasty Habits! Come play with us in our fabulous Studio and celebrate the height of summer and much awaited Grand Opening of the Little Red Bistro!

There will be drink specials offered in the Little Red Bistro and food including BBQ and complimentary hors d'oeuvres. And for this event only, we'll have two bars - one in the Bistro and one inside Little Red Studio.

A very exciting development is the recent purchase of a hot tub for LRS. It's not as big as the one in the Spa, but it's close! I have been helping Jeff to create a miniature version of the Spa at the Little Red Studio Gold Show for some time and now with a hot tub in place, we have a perfect set up. We will have a massage table. salt scrub, scented oils and a large, hewn shower to approximate the LittleRed Day Spa.

Remember to bring your dollar bills to buy tickets for the fun and sexy activities you have come to associate with the Little Red Studio. Imagine a carnival of things to do that will delight your senses! You can trade your tickets for: Tarot card readings, a soak in the new Hot Tub, Hand scrubs (featuring the custom made salt scrubs from the Little Red day Spa), Photo Booth and more! Tickets are $1 each or get your inseam or bust measurement in tickets for $10!

Where: 400 Dexter Ave N.

How Much: $20

Tickets can be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets or reserved by calling (206) 328-4758

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Emails that make me glow.

Cheri and I worked with a lovely couple recently and I was warmed by this sweet note the next day:
Last night’s spa session was wonderful, just what the doctor ordered. Although neither of us had done anything like that before, you made us instantly comfortable and I plan on scheduling another session as soon as we can find a slot in our schedule.

We also truly enjoyed the opportunity to talk with you and especially view a small portion of Jeff’s wonderful art.

Part of the draw to the Little Red “Empire” for me is just how dang friendly everyone involved is, and last night was yet another reminder, so again, thank you very much!

Thank you for the incredibly kind words, Dave & Tammy. It was truly our pleasure to work with you.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stitches update.

My hand is doing great. I already have full use of my thumb and the only movement that hurts is the one where I smack the back of my hand on something hard. I have declared myself back in action. Officially, I still have to keep my hand out of the tub so if I am wearing glove when you come in for a session, that's why. A nitrile examination glove with athletic tape around the wrist is water tight for 15-20 minutes.

I have scheduled my fist massage since my little accident for tomorrow. Even though it is less than a week, I am confident that I will be able to work. I have been healing so fast, at the very least I will be able to use my forearm on the left side, even if I can't use the hand. I actually did one handed massage for 8 months after a severe car accident in 1999 left me with sprained sternoclavicular and acromioclavicular ligaments. Luckily, skin takes much less time than ligament to heal due to the increased blood supply.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Anatomy in daily life.

Or why learning Latin might have been a good idea before taking anatomy classes.

The Sartorius muscle is not generally the main culprit in any pathology and dysfunction of the leg. Usually it gets "stuck" fascially to the Quadraceps. It sticks in your head because it is the longest muscle in the human body and when you pull your leg into the lotus position or to sit tailor style, you are engage it in it's fullest contraction.

Imagine my delight when this was the word of the day recently:
sartorial \sar-TOR-ee-uhl\, adjective:
1. Of or relating to a tailor or to tailoring.
2. Of or relating to clothing, or style or manner of dress.
3. [Anatomy] Of or relating to the sartorius muscle.

Most muscles are named for their shape or location or what they do. Sartorius is much more poetic than, say, the Levator Scapulae, which roughly translates to elevate the shoulder blade.

Friday, July 17, 2009

At least I will have a great story to go with the scar.

Yesterday, Jeff had a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the troupe to commemorate the opening of the Bistro. The grand Opening isn't until next week, when we have our Summer Bash on the 25th. Jeff wanted a little ritual to honour all the hard work that has gone into building and preparing the Bistro to open and also to hand over the reigns of operation to the new manager, Jim.

I was incredibly touched when Jeff asked me to coordinate with Cheri on a little ceremony, giving us the directive that he trusted whatever we came up with as long as he was the one who got to cut the ribbon. He also asked me if I would christen the Bistro by smashing a bottle of champagne on the corner of the building. See where this is going?

During the planning, Jim was sharing horror stories with Jeff of ship christenings where the bottle had to be swung numerous times to get it to break on the prow of the ship. As a result, Jeff emphatically directed me to use all my strength. Everyone gave a small count down and I swung, getting my torso behind my swing, and the bottle smashed spectacularly with a satisfying pop and spray of bubbles! Unfortunately, one of the pieces somehow bounced back and cut my left hand bad enough to need two stitches. At the time, we washed it out and I applied pressure and decided it was safe to finish out the ceremony. Next, a quick trip to the walk-in clinic where I was in and out in 30 minutes. Then back for a panini dinner at the Bistro. James, the Chef, thanked me for being the first one to get cut at the Bistro.

As a result, I will be unable to perform massage for at least a week. This is a fabulous time to take the opportunity to work with one of my other incredible practitioners. They have all graciously stepped up to cover my shifts at the spa until I get the go-ahead from the doctor to resume my full work. While you may be saying, "but, you are right handed, how come you can't massage." Actually, I am left
hand dominant during massage and the cut is on the back of my hand, close to the thumb knuckle. Using my thumb painfully stretches the skin, pulling at the stitches. I also can't get my hand wet for at least three days and I can't get into the hot tub with an open wound. So I am unsure of when I will be able to do a watsu session.

The upside is that I will be easier to get a hold of by phone since I won't be in session! Feel free to give me a call at (206) 963-0772 or email Sophia@ HengstStudio.com to schedule a spa session or massage with Cheri, Courtnee, Dion, Zan or Cody.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


The Lime, Avocado and Peppermint salt scrub is running low. Time to make up a new batch. The question is, do I do the Lime again, or shall I make up a new on? Requests or the Pineapple from last year have reached my ears. Raspberries are in season right now, too. A friend from San Diego who I gave my salt scrub base recipe to emailed me the other day to say she was enjoying a mango scrub right now.

So, Lime, Pineapple, Raspberry or Mango? Feel free to cast your vote for any of these or throw another option into the mix!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spa party on a budget.

This last Monday was Ladies' Spa Night. And interestingly enough, 6 of the 10 people in attendance were friends who decided to attend together. It made for a lively evening, yet they still gave a lot of respect and were inclusive of the other people in the Spa with their conversations and sharing the treats they had brought to add to the fare I had on hand. The energy was really uplifting. I had arranged to leave once the evening was set up and decided to stay because it felt so good being around these incredible women having fun pampering themselves and each other.

That night also marked the first Ladies' Night that was catered by the Little Red Bistro. The fruit platter and plate of bite sized chicken/chevre/sun-dried tomato sandwiches were delicious and beautiful! I was very pleased. I am tempted to say that Ladies' Night is "all that and a box of crackers" but now there are no crackers in sight! Not a bad deal for $15 a person.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Catching up.

I didn't realize it had been so long since I had written a blog post. Last week was completely out of sorts for me. My grandfather passed away and while it was expected, it was very difficult emotionally and logistically, as I had to arrange last minute travel to California. I am really glad that I went, though, Attending the funeral with 60 members of my immediate family was very healing. (We were only missing a few people.) It was wonderful to look around at all my aunts and uncles and cousins and all the new babies and know that there was a little bit of my grandfather in each of us.

Luckily for me, I have a wonderful staff and the spa ran fluidly while I was gone for three days. A special thank you to Cheri for doing such a good job of answering the Spa's phone.

Tomorrow is Ladies' Spa Night and I am looking forward to getting back into the rhythm of the Spa as a way to becomes more grounded.

Ladies' Spa Night - 2nd and 4th Monday of the Month
Drop In: 6-9pm
Cost: $15
Little Red Day Spa
1506 Franklin Ave. E. Seattle (Please park on the street, leaving the spaces in the lot for those with mobility issues.)

These nights are designed to be a casual and social evening. There will be a practitioner present to make you feel welcome and facilitate use of the spa's equipment. There will be areas set up for clay, salt scrubs and massage for you and your friends to pamper each other. For an extra fee, one can get a short massage during the evening from our massage therapist on staff.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seattle 100 Ride for the Cure

A good friend of mine, a motorcycle enthusiast and artist, is participating in a fund raiser for research to find a cure for Nephrotic Syndrome. Kidney dysfunction and disease runs in my family so I am happy to support her fund raising efforts. She has a modest goal of $500. If you can afford even $5, please click on the link below and lend your money to the cause.

Here is the email she sent out.

As most of you know I love riding my motorcycle on the track. The Seattle 100 is an opportunity to put my passion to good use by raising funds to find a cure for Nephrotic Syndrome. This condition occurs when kidney filters malfunction and protein needed by the body is instead lost though urine. Swelling occurs throughout the body, especially around the eyes and limbs, cholesterol soars, and hospitalization is generally required. Long-term effects of Nephrotic Syndrome can cause Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), kidney scarring that can require daily dialysis, or a kidney transplant.

On Saturday, July 25th, I will be in a group of one hundred motorcycle enthusiasts who will attempt to circle Pacific Raceway’s road course as many times as we can with the sole purpose of raising money towards kidney disease research. Each and every rider in the Seattle 100 is raising money through friends and family, with proceeds of the event going directly to The NephCure Foundation - the only organization in the world dedicated specifically to the cure of glomerular kidney disease. Riders raise funds through per lap pledges or fixed contributions, and contributions are tax-deductible.

Prior year’s events have raised over $125,000. This year, one hundred riders are expected to participate, and the fundraising goal for this year’s 2009 Seattle 100 is to exceed $150,000.


To donate, please go to www.active.com/donate/seattle1002009/kerig and follow the instructions there.

Please feel free to forward to friends, family, and colleagues.

Thank you so much for your help!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Ladies' Spa Night - Summer hours?

Last year, during the summer months, Ladies' Spa Night shifter to later drop in hours of 7pm -10pm to accommodate those wanting to enjoy the sunlight during the longer days. I have gotten enough feedback that starting later is not preferable to many of the regular attendees, as they enjoy being able to come in before work and get done early as it is a "school night."

The last two Ladies' Nights were smaller than usual. A few people told me later that the reason then didn't come was because of the weather. One woman said she just didn't want to go inside yet, and by the time she was ready to go indoors, there was only an hour of Ladies' Night left. She said latter hours would be more appealing to her.

As a compromise, this year's summer hours will be a little fluid. Ladies' Night official hours will remain 6pm - 9pm every 2nd and 4th Monday, and with prior arrangement, I will extend the evening to 10pm. Prior arrangement will constitute putting in a reservation (by phone or email) to be "late" by noon on the day of Ladies' Night. I will arrange for someone to be there that extra hour if I get at least 2 women.

To make your "late" reservations for Ladies' Spa Night, on July 13th, please give me a call at (206) 963-0772 or email me: Sophia@HengstStudio.com.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Closed Sunday for Pride.

Well, not completely closed. If you already have a session scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday the 28th, you can rest assured, I am not canceling any appointments. However, I will not be returning phone calls until Monday morning.

I am taking the day off to enjoy the Seattle Pride Parade. Last year I was part of the parade and rode my motorcycle in the Dykes on on Bikes contingent. This year I am going back to the sidelines to watch and then I'll be heading over to the Bistro. Jeff has decided to open the Bistro after the parade, so from 2pm until midnight you will be able to stop by 400 Dexter Ave. N. and enjoy a cool beverage, either alcoholic or non.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Bistro News.

Once the Little Red Bistro is up and running, I will get a chance to sit down with the chef and give input for a special Spa Menu. Choosing a catered spa session will be much more elegant and simple. The idea is to have a variety of platters that will add a culinary delight, while still being sensitive to dietary restrictions and allergies.

Of course, substitutions will be possible. There is even talk of making certain entrees and full meals available to be sent over to the spa. This should be possible not long after our grand opening, as we have applied for a catering license, too.

Still no official date for the opening of the Bistro. However, whenever there is a Little Red Studio event scheduled, Jeff will opening the Bistro to serve drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. As a special occasion, we will be open this Sunday during and after the Seattle Pride Parade.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sculptueral Clay + Creative Movement

I never know what will come out of a session. When you read about the various spa sessions on the Little Red day Spa web site, it gives you a framework, but not a detailed description. That really is on purpose. I want my practitioners to have the freedom to create something new each time they do a session. I want my guests to fill in the spaces with their wants and needs.

A while back, a guest wanted to combine a Sculptural Clay session with a Creative Movement Session. This guest was what Cody, the practitioner who developed the Creative Movement, would call a natural mover. It was a delightful combination that was relaxing and invigoration.

And inspiring. At the Little Red Studio there is a tradition of "mud man" performances that are usually very primal. I took the light-hearted playfulness of the clay the way it is used in the spa and combined it with Contact Improv Dance.I am very proud to have art directed a performance piece that came out of a spa session! Here are a few photos. Please note that while the people are covered in clay, these photos may not be work safe.

Photo by Jim Duvall. The dancers have asked to not be identified. You'll have to come to a Little Red Studio show to see this dance in action.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Little Red Bistro

I haven't talked much about the Bistro that Jeff is going to open soon. The reason for this lack of comment has everything to do with the nature of dealing with city regulatory agencies; they move slow. It seems like the Bistro has been about to open for business any minute for the last two months.

The Bistro means that the Little red Studio events will no longer be "dry". Our liquor permit was issued this week just in time for the opening of the Aquamarine Show. As part of the Little Red Studio family, the Bistro will have tie-ins with the colored shows. Tonight, not only will be debut the Little Red Bistro as a place to have a glass of wine before the show, we will also debut the Aquamarine Cocktail!

If you have the chance, stop by 400 Dexter Ave. N. and peek in at the amazing job the crew has done in turning the gallery into a bistro and enjoy a glass of wine. The bar will be open before and during the Aquamarine Show tonight, starting at 7pm.

Friday, June 19, 2009

New fun read.

In bodywork there exists the theory that science and art must come together for a truly good massage. The blog, Bioephemera echos this sentiment quite interestingly.
bioephemera is art + biology - anything and everything from representations of science in art and literature to the neuroscience of aesthetics.

A big thanks to Cheri for passing this link along to me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Small shift in focus.

Since my discovery that sometimes frozen fruit is better than fresh when making salt scrubs, I have been moving away from using seasonal fruit in my blends. Originally, the idea was to use whatever was in season for my salt scrubs, creating a new blend every quarter. When I found out that frozen strawberries generally had more flavor that fresh ones, I made the Strawberry Ginger scrub during the winter and early spring. (Pomegranate season seemed short this year.)

Instead of cuing off the seasons, I am going to link each special spa session to the current Little Red Studio Colored Show. This Friday, the Aquamarine show will make it's debut.
This summer we will transform our sumptuous theater into a wet, sensual oasis, complete with mermaids, nymphs, sailors and pirates. Come dive into one of the most alluring elements on earth, Water. Lets splash around together in this world of sensory profusion, relaxation, healing, and spiritual reconnection.

One of the ideas to keep in the watery theme and help keep people cool is mist sprays. I created an essential oil blend of Lavender, Thyme and a few other woodsy oils that, together, are reminiscent of a fresh rain. It turned out quite lovely. So, I am pleased to announce that the I have a new scent for the massage oil for the Aquamarine Spa Session!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Be a part of Urban Arts!

Please check out this incredible idea from one of our LRS troupe members. Christina is putting together a weekend of artistic fun and education for children. She is currently looking for people who have experience and interest in one or more areas of the artistic realm who would be willing to present (or help wrangle kids) a short workshop on August 1t or 2nd.

I am looking forward to being a part of this, even if I only end up as an attendee.

Urban Arts Weekend - August 1 and 2 at Little Red Studio
Help create full self expression and contribution in a community effort that seeks to share art in all its forms.

The Vision
Empowering kids and parents to experience art and relate to one another in a supportive community of passionate teachers.

The Format
(This is still in the planning phases, so details will change and evolve.)

Start: Each day will contain numerous art classes/topics running in tandem, many of which are developed to overlap or dovetail with other topics, and some of which may involve an indoor and an outdoor (field trip - sculpture park, zoo, etc.) component. The final topics will be chosen based on logistical feasibility (what we can fit in the space), resource/materials load (what we can provide or get donated), and your interest (if no one wants to teach watercolors there won't be a watercolors class). Depending on the topic's difficulty or teacher inclination, each class could run 2-4 hours.

Lunch break: If we put together a Cooking class, it's possible that lunch will be what that class makes. Otherwise, people will need to bring a sack lunch.

Close: Show-and-tell and/or performance respectively for visual and performance art.

The Teachers
As a teacher, you are responsible to create your own plan including what you want to teach and how. But each class should involve at least an introduction/basics including the tools used or concepts needed, any safety concerns, and then the hands-on portion. Depending on the topic's difficulty, each teacher will have access to helpers. The point of the class is to give every child/parent combo a chance to play with/practice what they're learning.

Materials Note: When considering whether you'd like to teach a topic, please think about any sources you know that could donate materials, and even think about materials you might have at home. The registration fee will cover some of this, but the more donations we can get, the lower that fee will be.

Helpers Note: We need helpers to move people around the space, coordinate resources, and act as class aids. If you don't want to teach that doesn't mean you can't come play. Seriously.

The Topics
All topics presented are possibilities, intended to jump-start your creativity. If you want to do something that isn't listed, please email me.

* Painting: finger, body, oil, watercolor, paint dancing (freestyle dancing while painting), wall (use a broom to paint on a wall), objects (see Crafts and Sculpture)
* Drawing: figure/object/still-life (people, flowers, buildings, cars, animals); freestyle (what they see in their mind); comics (incorporates Writing module)
* Photography/Videography: documenting the day; music videos (could incorporate Theater, Dance, and Music topics); portraits and/or still-lifes; wildlife/nature architecture/urban landscape
* Framing (making frames and/or mats to contain visual art)
* Theater (could incorporate Dance): improv, acting
* Music: vocal (solo or group); beat boxing/rapping (could incorporate Poetry); instrumental; appreciation (could incorporate Dance)
* Aerials/gymnastics: floor work (could incorporate Dance); hoop/rope/tissu; spinning/poi
* Dance: belly; jazz; ballroom; freestyle/object (balls, flags, yoga balls)
* Crafts: hardware repurposing (take apart broken toasters, blenders, etc. and make sculpture); decoupage/collage/modge podge; paper mache; plaster of paris casting; egg or rock painting; decorate accessories (jewelry, hats, lunch boxes, belts, sneakers, backpacks, ipod/cell phone holders)
* Cooking: make lunch for the day and then serve it; snacks/hors'douvres/canapes/finger foods (could incorporate Photography);coffee and fizzy beverages
* Writing: poetry (could incorporate Vocal and/or Performance topics); short stories; comics/graphic novels (could incorporate Drawing)
* Sculpting(could incorporate Painting): cookie dough (could incorporate Cooking); clay; DAS or other polymer stuff
* Dream Work: dream theater (incorporate Performance and/or Improv topics); journaling and using mind maps for understanding; spiritual and healing components
* Tech Booth: running the light and sound board

Extra Details

Registration will be required to keep a bound on class size, and there will be a fee. We're going to keep the cost as low as possible because this is a community outreach project and volunteer based.

I am so excited to have each and every one of you come play! Please email me if you have questions or suggestions.

Christina Dietrich

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Amazing opportunity on June 19th.

Kirsten Lauzon, a member of the Little Red Studio troupe, is finishing her degree in Paleopsychology, the study of the evolution of consciousness. She uses a very interesting style of counseling called Systemic Constellations or Family Constellations.

While it is a bit difficult to describe, I can definitely articulate the results. My experience was quite profound. I chose a specific instance with my mother to focus on, and I recruited stand-ins, people who would "be" in the role of key family members,(im my case, my mother, her mother and me) who in a sense channeled what that person would say. I was surprised at how Kirsten's gentle questions unlocked a torrent of strong and deep emotions. Feelings so old and forgotten they seemed unrelated to the issue I had brought up. It was a tumultuous 10 minutes, wherein Kirsten expertly guided us and grounded me through the issue, keeping me from spinning off into other directions. Afterward, I felt a sense of peace around much more of my past and myself than just that issue represented.

If you have any emotional or personal issues that you are dealing with that have a root in your familial history, I would heartily recommend this event.

Adventures in Paleopsychology

Date: Friday, June 19, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Location: Antioch University Seattle, Room 200A
2326 Sixth Avenue Seattle, WA

Phone: 2068517125
Email: duskfrog@gmail.com
This is a warm invitation to you to attend, share and participate in the culmination of my work as a student at Antioch University Seattle.

I am offering a free public workshop event on Friday June 19th at 7pm until 9:30pm.
I will provide light snacks and beverages.

Please join us!


7:00 Short Movie: Paleopsychology 101
7:10 Lecture: The Evolution of Consciousness - Paleopsych Methods, Case Studies & Results
~ short break ~
7:30 Experiential Demonstration Facilitation:
Dream Tending
Systemic Constellations
~ short break ~
9:00 Participant Seminar/Open Discussion
9:30 Clean up & Depart

Kirsten A. Lauzon

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy weekend!

With the Intimate Spectacle and all the spa sessions this weekend, I am quite glad that the weather cooled down a little. It also cooled down in time for Men's Spa Night and Ladies' Spa Night to be cozy affairs. We have a new heat lamp and the hot tub temperature was turned back up.

These nights are designed to be casual and social evenings. There will be a practitioner present (Richard and Dion host Men's Night and Cheri and I host Ladies' Night) to make you feel welcome and facilitate use of the spa's equipment. There will be areas set up for clay, salt scrubs and massage for you and your friends to pamper each other. For an extra fee, one can get a short massage or watsu during the evening from our massage therapist on staff.

Please call 206-963-0772 or e-mail Sophia@hengststudio.com for more information.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A "best of..." show at LRS this weekend.

My act from last summer's White Show is a part of this year's Intimate Spectacle! Come see me have a picnic and many other fun and moving acts this Friday and Saturday!

An Intimate Spectacle

Friday & Saturday, June 5th - 6th @ 9PM

We invite you to come enjoy some of your favorite performances from the past year here at Little Red Studio. This will be a chance to sit back and enjoy as we bring you theater, dance, music, aerials and more from a variety of our past shows. A few pieces you can look forward to include "Gett Off!" from the Dance Concert, "Party of Two" from Erotic Shorts, three stunning aerial pieces, and music from the "Red Show"!

We hope you will join us for this stunning evening of entertainment!

Where: 400 Dexter Ave N
How Much: $20

Tickets can be purchased online at Brown Paper Tickets
or reserved by calling 206-328-4758.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

For the Ladies...

One of the women who sometimes comes to Ladies' Spa Night sent out an open invitation for a Ladies Only Cuddle Party. I am passing it on. If you are interested, please contact Mary via the number listed below.

Celebrate Big 'O' Day with a Cuddle Party

I learned about this special day to celebrate the joy of pleasure for women and even though there is no 'official' event in Seattle, I was inspired to take this opportunity to facilitate a women-only cuddle party, which has been requested several times.

So this is it!

Saturday, June 20th
7:00-10:30 p.m.
(please arrive by 6:45 p.m.)
Facilitated by Mary Hart

($30 playshop fee - RSVP required)
Please RSVP by prepaying through paypal @ mary@cuddleseattle.com
If you are unable to use paypay, please contact me for other arrangments.

Note: Seattle location...Directions and important information will be emailed to you in a confirmation letter when you RSVP.

What is a Cuddle Party?
A Cuddle Party is a playshop and social event in which we create a safe space to explore, express and experience safe, non-sexual, vital touch. We explore knowing ourselves, our boundaries, our desires and fearlessly being, communicating and connecting with one another. This is an opportunity to see a fresh point of view, to learn new language and patterns of being and to become conscious, communicative cuddlers. Note: You never have to cuddle anyone at a Cuddle Party, ever.

The Touch of Your Sisters

Spending time, cuddling with your sisters, is such a gift. In our Western culture, women are not given permission to hold each other, caress and nurture each other. But it is so natural and healing to hold one another, and to love each other in this gentle supportive way. Some women look to their husband or partner for this support, and sometimes it is not available; or the partner does not know how to support the feminine in the way she needs it. What if we create a sisterhood that supports each other, where we create friendships where it is safe to hold each other, caress each other in loving, gentle ways? This practice would fill our heart and soul because the feminine longs to be caressed and held. If we look to our partner to always fill this need, we may be setting ourselves up for disappointment. So if we fill ourselves up, when our partner isn't available or capable, it is OK because we are already full. And if the masculine is available, great! We get more scrumptious touch - but we aren't needy! This is a vital way to take care of ourselves, create deep friendships and maintain our inherent radiance. Sisters unite!

For more information about cuddle parties: www.cuddleseattle.com

Big 'O' Day mission: Awaken the feminine energy within each woman so she may open to and live as the radiant, powerful goddess which is her birthright and her gift to the world.

In loving service,


Saturday, May 30, 2009

oil vs. lotion

You may have noticed when you are about to receive a massage at the Little Red Day Spa that we give you the option of scented or unscented oil. I do have a bottle of lotion available, but it is not a product I think to ever use. Why not, you ask? Because if I wouldn't eat something, I don't want to put it on my skin. (As a fun aside, when I was doing a bit of research, I found this web page geared toward vegetarians using this saying.)

Human skin is an amazing, multi-purpose organ. It not only keeps our insides, inside, but it also allows "things" in and out of us. Skin is quite permeable and can absorb approximately 50% of a substance applied topically in comparison to ingesting the same substance. This is why I use a cold pressed, food grade sunflower oil as a massage lubricant. And while the amount of salt I use in the scrubs makes them inedible, I use whole foods for this same reason. It doesn't hurt to think about the possibility of trace amounts of Vitamin C are being absorbed into your body while you are getting a lime and avocado scrub. also, the fat in avocados is made up of the exact kind of lipids that moisturizes our skin which helps maintain elasticity.