Sunday, December 6, 2009


I am very pleased to offer this amazing work
in the lush and supportive environment of


Explore fresh new paths to honoring your wildest dreams!

Facilitated by Kirsten A. Lauzon
This Sunday December 6, 2 – 5pm
1506 Franklin Ave. E Seattle WA 98102

$12 Suggested Donation
Tea and Snacks Provided

I will speak about and demonstrate a unique synthesis of two experiential processes:
Conscious Dreaming and Family and Systemic Constellation Work.

Expect the unexpected.

Meet personal and universal archetypes that manifest through you every day
and reliably come knocking on your dream doors each night.

Explore new ways to relate to family members and loved ones,
by looking at complex internal issues in an external context.

Find productive and abundant ways to interrelate with your collectives
for increased clarity, creativity, intimacy and connection.

By consciously acknowledging and exploring potentially unseen forces at play in our lives
we just might free ourselves from old destructive patterns and effectively make them our allies.

Come learn and play with us in a lush and supportive environment.

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