Friday, November 2, 2007

LRS Erotic Shorts Review

I know, it's not directly spa related. Though a couple is coming in tonight for a spa session before going to tonight's Little Red Studio show "Erotic Shorts" It is an evening of one act plays.

I went to the dress rehearsal last night and laughed so hard I was a bit embarrassed! All but one of the plays were quite humorous, so it was an incredibly fun evening. My sweetie and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I highly recommend it for a night out. We both picked out the Play "Limits" as our favourite, though the rejected lesbian play and the one with the 2 superheroes were great, as well. One because it set you up and then went in an unpredictable and interesting direction. The other because it followed the expected trajectory.

Jeff Hengst, the producer and founder of LRS, sent this out in an email to the troupe today: "The latest incarnation of the Erotic Shorts is bold right out of the gate. More daring than I imagine Seattle audiences will find anywhere around town. It is also smart and very funny. And then it gets even funnier as the night unfolds. Kerry has put together a sassy and sexy night of outrageously funny short plays."

Doors open at 8:30, with the show starting at 9pm. And with a $20 ticket price, it's a steal. Address is 750 Harrison St. in Seattle. (Not the spa location.) There is a no-host bar provided by Serafina with wine and non-alcoholic beverages. Go to Little Red Studio for more info.

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