Thursday, September 11, 2008

Evolving Watsu

I have mentioned before that Cody has taught me some of the Contact Improv dance inspired movement around Watsu. Over time, I have developed a style that is fairly different from traditional Watsu. So different, that I think the time has come to give it another name, as I can't hoestly say I do Watsu any more. Definitely Watsu inspired and containing Watsu elements. I keep rolling phrases like Water Contact Therapy and Floating Bodywork around in my mind.

It's become so much more than just another way to stretch the body and massage muscles. It's a huge dose of human contact and nurturing touch. It's a decadent delighting of the senses via immersion. It's a way to connect with someone that is deeper, yet safer than one would expect when in the vulnerable position of a stranger floating you in the water.

Conversing with Jeff convinced me that it is time to have another classification for this Watsu inspired bodywork. It's right that the Little Red Day Spa, as part of the Little Red Studio family organically and creatively develop new modalities. We will of course still offer traditional Watsu sessions, no worries there. Having options is good, though, and I want people to know that there are options regarding the different types of bodywork the Spa offers.

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