Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Faces

The staff at the Little Red Day Spa has slowly changed over time. When we started offering sessions almost 3 years ago, we started with only me, Richard and Didi. As we got busier, we added more practitioners. Whenever we would lose a practitioner to school, moving or a new job, I would invite someone else to join the Spa. Now, Richard and I are the only practitioners who remain from those first few months.

In this kind of work, due to it's part time nature, that is a little unusual that there are any of the same practitioners as when we first opened. In a way it is sad because I miss working with some people. But overall it's a good thing. Every time a new person comes on board, they bring something new to the spa, or tweak what we already do just enough to make it different or better.

On Monday, I meet with Cherie, a woman with 15 years of massage experience. She was on sabbatical for the last year and is ready to come back to massage and bodywork with new ideas of how she wants to approach body work in general. In specifics, she wants to explore Watsu and infusing her bodywork with the idea of delighting the senses. I think the Little Red Day Spa is just the place for her.

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