Monday, March 23, 2009

Art is my world.

More so than usual. I spent the weekend helping to proof the catalog for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. My brain is awash with images and themes. I am already scheduling out for when my hands will be as full as my brain with Festival duties. I will be unavailable for sessions 4/30 through 5/3. I will be answering the phones and all my other practitioners will be ready to pamper you. Having an indulgent time in the Spa, attending the Erotic Shorts playing at Little Red Studio and the Festival would be a fabulous way to have a decadent weekend!

I still can't give away what the art is, but if you want to get a sneak peak, and be involved in the Festival, you can volunteer to be a docent with me. I am organizing all the training meetings for this year's Festival Docents, and that includes a chance to preview the art that has been accepted or invited to be shown. The training also includes a lecture by Jeff Hengst, the owner and painter of the artwork within the Little Red Day Spa. He is devoting the Tuesday Art Talk Night on April 7th to the topic "What is Erotic Art?"

So, I am looking for people who would like to dress up and talk to people about sexy art April 30th and May 1st - 3rd. This year's Festival will be held at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and is going to be a grand combination of art, performance, spectacle and socializing.

This Festival, like the Studio, promotes the combination of the three things most near and dear to my heart: art and community and sensuality. Please contact me at to sign up, for training schedules and more information. Learn more at the Festival's website.

The Docents of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival are much like the traditional docent: a person who gives tours and information at a museum or gallery in order to facilitate an enjoyable experience for the visiting guests viewing the art. At the Festival, we have taken a page from the Little Red Studio and will be putting a slightly more personable spin on the traditional docent duties to reflect the community strengthening ethos of the Sex Positive Community Center. A general knowledge of art is appreciated, but not a requirement as there will be basic trainings for all volunteer Docents. Jeff has graciously agreed to give a short lecture, "What is Erotic Art?"

A Docent at the Festival will have the responsibility of:

~ Being available to answer questions about the art and artists in the 2009 Festival
~ giving art tours (training is provided)
~ maintaining and communicating an enthusiastic attitude about the variety and diversity of erotic art
~ making guests feel welcome and comfortable

Please note, we are encouraging Docents to dress in accordance with this year's theme, "Indulge Your Senses." Each evening of the Festival will have a variation of the theme for the feel, dress and performances presented.

THURSDAY 4/30: Tease -- Artist Reception: A White Tie Affair. By invitation only. Formal wear appreciated.
FRIDAY 5/1: Seduce -- A Silk and Satin Soirée. Dress to seduce.
SATURDAY 5/2: Indulge -- A Celebration of the Senses. Extravagant attire encouraged. Prizes awarded for the most indulgent and outrageous costumes.

The Seattle Erotic Art Festival continues to be a volunteer driven
event. We will provide crew meals during the set-up week and the
Festival; for each 5 hours you volunteer, you will receive a pass (for
yourself only) to attend the event. This is a labor of love for art,
freedom of expression and a great opportunity to wear your most
provocative attire.

Many other volunteer positions are available. If you are interested in
getting involved, please contact Please feel free
forward our call to your e-lists and post us on your blogs, social
networks, etc.

Thank you!

Docent Director/Velvet Package Liaison aka your Spa Queen

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