Wednesday, March 25, 2009

cosmic harmony

Late Monday night, during a routine draining and cleaning, the Spa's hot tub stopped working. Dead to the world. No lights, motors or anything would register that the tub was receiving power. We've had troubles before, but nothing this dire seeming.

In a panic, I called the construction foreman, Jim, on Jeff's crew that is building out the Bistro at the Little Red Studio. He graciously offers to come by when he is finished with his dinner and take a look at it. During that time I went about my business, cleaning the tub and then refilling it. When you have a persnickety piece of equipment you learn little ways to working around it's trouble spots to keep everything running smoothly. I did all those things. Nothing worked.

When Jim arrived with electricity current tester in hand, the tub still was showing no signs of life. He tested the breaker box and determined that the tub was indeed receiving power. That was not good news. Next he opened the brains of the hot tub and tested all the fuses. No blown fuses. Ok, now it's getting scary and weird.

He laid on the floor next to the hot tub and checked all the connections. We talked about possible causes. On a whim, he said to turn the breaker on. The tub started! All systems go. Jeff and I profusely thanked him. He was mystified why it started and why we were thanking him! We assured him he must have done something and that he deserved out thanks, if for no other reason that being willing to come out on a late Monday evening.

In Tuesday morning's email, the word of the day was thaumaturgy. Thaumaturgy is the working of miracles or magic feats. I think there was definitely some thaumaturgy happening in my Spa Monday night.

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