Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Since I am the director...

I may not be the director of the Day Spa anymore, but now I am the Gold Show Director for the Little Red Studio. I will probably end up talking about that more in the blog. I suppose I should change the name of the blog, but the Spa and the Studio are so entwined, that I don't think it too odd for me to talk about both of them in the same venue.

If you feel like spending this Friday evening dancing, laughing and playing with me, go buy a ticket here. On the 16th we will have our regular Gold Show, if you can call that particular event regular. On Saturday the 17th, we'll have a special "Gold Medallion" show that will start an hour earlier, at 8pm, for a special unveiling ceremony before the show begins. Both shows are going to be great fun.

Hope I see you there!

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