Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Sensual Repast - Saturday, May 3rd @ 8PM

In the tradition of past Sensual Repasts here at the Studio, we are creating a night of pure indulgence of the senses. And to the lucky few who will be present - you're in for a delightful experience! There are even a few spa appointments available this Saturday before the dinner if you decide to have a truly decadent day and evening.

First, our menu. Our Chef, Kim Black, is a true artist. Many of you have experienced his heavenly desserts over the past several months, but when tasked with a larger, more robust menu, Kim truly shines. Here is the menu he is crafting for your pleasure on May 3rd:

Mascarpone Stuffed Prosciutto W/ Medjool Dates
Smoked Salmon Boursin Filled Belgium Endive

Duxell stuffed Ravioli in saffron burr blanc

Tableside Caesar with fresh croutons & hand shaved pecorino

Piatto Forte:
Espresso Smoked Duck with Port Clove Sauce

Alla Fine:

Each course will be paired with a carefully selected wine and served by Kim and our amazing Little Red Studio Troupe members as the evening progresses.

You will be entertained in delightful and intimate ways which only a gathering of this size will allow. Perhaps you'll enjoy a salsa lesson between courses to help spice up the evening a little more. Maybe a poem to guide your senses from your eyes and tongue to your head and heart. We'll offer that and so much more to indulge and sweeten your evening. We are limiting the attendance for this event to 30 people, so don't hesitate to purchase your tickets now for this wonderful event.

Tickets must be purchased in advance either at Brown Paper Tickets or by calling (206) 328-4758

Photo: Christina Dietrich, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

Ladies' Night tonight!

Ladies' Night at the Little Red Day Spa
1506 Franklin Ave. E. Seattle, WA 98102
Every Monday 6pm - 10pm
Cost - $10

Relax into your week every Monday evening!. These nights are designed
to be a casual and social evening. There will be a practitioner
present to make you feel welcome and facilitate use of the spa's
equipment. Drop in anytime between the hours of 6 and 10pm and soak in
the hot tub, play in the clay, scrub yourself until you are polished
or lounge in the sumptuous atmosphere with interesting women. The spa
is clothing optional. Cost is $10 per woman.

Each week features an addition treat for a nominal fee. Massage or
Watsu is available for an added $10 for ten minutes. Essential oil
aromatherapy custom blends are an extra $5 if you bring your own oil
or lotion, or $10 if you choose to have your blend added to a 4 ounce
glass bottle of the spa's base massage oil of choice, sunflower oil.
I can scent any product you would like, or just bring in an empty
glass vial or jar for a pure essential oil blend to be used as

Little Red Day Spa
1506 Franklin Ave. E. Seattle, WA 98102
Call 206-963-0772 for information or directions.
Please park on the street, as there is limited parking in our lot.
We would like to reserve that parking for guests with mobility issues.
( Do not park within the yellow lines.)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Preparing for the big Art-a-Thon this Saturday

Buy tickets to the Kick Off Party online or at the door.
Time: April 26, 2008 9:00 PM
Location: Little Red Studio
750 Harrison Street
Seattle, WA 98109

Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Monday!

Ladies' Night starts at 6pm this evening. Cost is $10 per woman and we will have the hot tub open, the clay and salt scrub ready and the atmosphere set. Please join me!

Due to a minor injury, I will be offering watsu only tonight for an addition fee of $10 for 10 minutes.

1506 Franklin Ave. E.
Seattle, WA 98102
(206)963-0772 for directions of questions.

Please park on the street, as there is limited parking in our lot.
We would like to reserve that parking for guests with mobility issues.
(Do not park within the yellow lines.)

LRS 2nd Annual 24 Hour Art-a-Thon

Saturday, April 26th @ 9PM
thru Sunday, April 27th @ 9PM
Little Red Studio
750 Harrison Street
Cost: $20

Last year we had an amazing time hanging out in our then new Studio and creating art over a 24 hour period. We partied, collaborated, performed, ate, drank, danced, and even managed to sleep a little!

This year we're ready to do it all over again! We'll kick things off with a rocking party at 9PM on Saturday night, complete with dance music, entertainment, and merriment. Then at midnight, the focus of the event will shift and we'll go into creativity mode. Anyone and everyone is welcome to stay and participate. There will be a $20 charge for the party, but after midnight the event will be free to all.

On Sunday morning, Kim will provide us with a pancake breakfast at 10AM. Donations will gratefully be accepted to cover the cost of food.

We'll hold a closing ceremony at 7PM on Sunday evening followed by an open gallery sale of much of the art created over the weekend.

Come for a little while, check in every few hours or so, or stay for the entire marathon - it's up to you!

Click here to purchase tickets for the Kick-Off Party!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Men's Spa Night tonight

Richard Jessup will be holding court tonight in the Little Red day Spa from 7pm until 10pm. the evening is open to all men interested in relaxing in an open and accepting atmosphere. Watsu demonstrations will be available, body clay and salt scrub stations to pamper yourself, and if there is enough interest, Richard will lead a group shiatsu session. Richard will make a limited number of 15 minute shiatsu treatments available for an additional fee of $15.

Cost: $10
Location: 1506 Franklin Ave. E
Hours: 7pm - 10pm, drop in, no reservations necessary
Call 206-963-0772 for information or directions.
Please park on the street, as there is limited parking in our lot.
We would like to reserve that parking for guests with mobility issues.
( Do not park within the yellow lines.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I use essential oils (EO) on a daily basis. Tea Tree as a deodorant. Cardamom in my hair. Black Pepper if I am feeling scattered or stressed. In my bath to ease muscle soreness or decrease inflammation. These habits afford me a wonderful reputation for smelling good. If you get close enough for a hug, chances are you will catch a faint wiff of whatever oil(s) I used that morning.

The day of the last LRS rehearsal, I had a day off and did not step foot inside the spa that whole day. Upon arriving at rehearsal, Chef Kim gave me a big hug and said, "Mmmm, you smell like the spa. I was just there this afternoon and was enjoying the scents that permeate the whole room."

"No, the spa smells like me." Said I, with a satisfied grin.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Summer's Salt scrub

The last few days of warm weather have been getting to Chef Kim. He asked me when I wanted to make the Pineapple and Coconut salt scrub since he noticed that I was almost out of the Strawberry Ginger scrub. He launched into great detail of how we would use fresh coconut and peel it out of the husk ourselves. It sounds like it will be fun, but...

It's just started really acting like spring! I refuse to rush the seasons just because he is excited to make the next one. Besides, I really like how the smell of strawberries fills the whole spa when someone scrubs up in a steamy shower.

One more batch of the Strawberry ginger, and then we will move on.

Remember, Ladies' Night is tomorrow. Doors open at 6pm, cost is $10. I will have my aromatherapy kit with me for anyone interested in buying a custom blend of essential oils. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Next Men's Spa Night: April 20th

Richard has just let me know that there will be no Men's Night this Sunday, the 13th. He is considering the idea of holding the Men's Spa Night every other Sunday evening. Please email me with any feedback you about this going from a weekly to a bimonthly event.

Friday, April 11, 2008

A full weekend for LRS!

There are 2 shows and an Art Sale going on over at Little Red Studio.

This weekend, Jeff Hengst is having a "garage sale" of paintings and sculptures at the gallery on 406 Dexter Ave. N. (Around the corner from LRS. It is actually in the same building, just a different street address.) This sale will be both tonight, Friday, and Saturday evening 8-9pm, and Sunday the 13th between 1pm and 7pm. Please call Jeff at (206)963-0633 if you would like to arrange another time during this weekend to come to the Gallery. (There is also the possibility that he will extend this sale out longer.)

From Jeff's press release:

All kinds of paintings and sculptures from all phases of my career. All sizes and shapes. Everything for $100 or less.

I have a number of paintings that are very fine, but don't fit into the main body of my work. And I can not price them the same way my other work can. There are beautiful pieces.

The sale will go on Friday night when our box office is open and Saturday night too. The again on Sunday from 1PM to 7PM. That is this weekend starting today. Cash, checks and credit cards are all accepted. All money raised from the sale will go to the Little Red Studio.

The Gold Show
Friday, April 11th @ 9PM

Our classic show at The Little Red Studio is an intimate, interactive theatrical event with an erotic theme held at our sumptuous venue here in Seattle.

The Red Show (Finale!)
Saturday, April 12th @ 9PM

This show is an intriguing journey into the world of Verotica143. A world of beauty, excitement and artifice where passion and sexual energy run high, not everyone is who they seem to be, and where Eros holds the power to transform the ordinary into magical.

A no-host wine bar will be supplied by Serafina Restaurant.

Please arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 at our offices and gallery at 406 Dexter Ave. N. and we will escort you over to the main space as we prepare to begin the evening.

Where: 750 Harrison Street

How Much: $30

Tickets can be purchased in advance at Brown Paper Tickets for the Gold Show or at the door. The Red Show tickets available for online purchase only.

Event Info
(206) 328-4758

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Make an appointment via email.

*New policy to take effect immediately.*

Remember what I said about email not being the best way to make an appointment? Well, scratch that. Since sessions are now needing to be scheduled at least a day or 2 in advance, email is now a great way to set up an appointment. I have had a few regular guests using email for a month now and it is actually working out great. I can check and answer emails much faster than I can voicemails. This is especially nice on the days when I only have a few minutes between sessions.

The main email for me at the Little Red Day Spa is Sophia at Hengst Studio.com. (Take out all the spaces.) For those of you confused by the address, Hengst Studio, Jeff's painting business, owns Little Red Studio and the Little Red Day Spa.

Please remember to include a phone number for confirmation, especially if you are wanting to schedule for your first visit to the Spa.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A new moniker?

Recently, friend took umbrage with my Spa Queen by-line. Surprisingly enough, he took the position that in today's world, most monarchies have only ceremonial power and that I didn't want to be giving people the idea that I wasn't really in charge. After a bit of banter, I finally threw up my hands at trying to defend my title and asked what title I should have.

Anti-Gravity Masseuse of Doom.

And he said it with a straight face. So I am going to consider it. It has a nice ring to it, especially since it makes me want to giggle.

On that note, Ladies' Night starts at 6pm this evening. Cost is $10 per woman and we will have the hot tub open, the clay ready and the atmosphere set. Please join me!

1506 Franklin Ave. E.
Seattle, WA 98102
(206)963-0772 for directions of questions.

Please park on the street, as there is limited parking in our lot.
We would like to reserve that parking for guests with mobility issues.
(Do not park within the yellow lines.)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Yin and Yang

Yesterday I hosted M. Yu of The JadeGate in Austin, TX at the Spa. I shared watsu with him and he shared his blend of bodywork and acupuncture with me. Quite an experience all round.

What was most dramatic for me was the contrast of the energy that each treatment generated. I found acupuncture to be charged, intense and stimulating, with relaxation only entering into the equation when he shifted to manual bodywork. A marked difference from Watsu, where, even as the giver, I am enveloped by the soothing nature of being in the water and gentleness of the movements.

He commented that it was a jump to go between the two. Watsu was the most pure yin modality he had experienced, where as acupuncture is very yang. This concept piques my interest in Eastern oriented healing arts. The idea of being able to create a balance in a spa session appeals to me.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our first Catered Spa Session!

Was a success!

Last week, a couple came in to celebrate a birthday. The woman was a "foodie," her sweetie told me, and wanted to include her taste buds in the pampering. I checked with Chef Kim, and even though 3 days was short notice, he assured me he could come up with something. Because of the surprise nature of the session, Kim set up the food before the start of the session. Everything would be in place so that the birthday girl could have her pick of what she wanted to do first: lunch, Watsu or massage.

The food was beautiful and delicious. (I consider myself very lucky to have been invited to partake.) Kim had arranged on a slab of marble an array of savory and sweet nibbles, most of which that could be eaten by hand. The couple took great delight in feeding each other.

Here is what they feasted on:
Asparagus slightly blanched and then marinated in olive oil & a herb blend, along with artichoke hearts.
Baby onion that had been soaked in a sweet balsamic syrup and then roasted.
A variety of olives and a gorgonzola boursin that tasted wonderful when combined with the dates.
Hand made bread that could be slathered with triple cream blue cheese nested in apricot jam.
Blackened salmon, with a Cajun flair to it, rested on a generous portion of fresh hummus.
A non-dairy, semi-sweet chocolate sauce in a martini glass with strawberries, mango and kiwi for dipping.
Lavender soda water was a raved about finishing touch.

I am so impressed that all of this wonderful food was what he could whip up on short notice. Not that I am surprised, just very pleased with the elegance of presentation and quality of the food. The quantity was notable, as well. The birthday girl gleefully wrapped up and took home enough for a snack.

If you would like to add catering to your spa session or private spa rental, please note that for an optimum culinary experience Chef Kim asks for 7 days notice. The menu will change to reflect what is in seasonal, and any dietary restrictions you may have. Basic catering, as described above, is $50 for a light meal. You can choose savory, sweet, or a combination of the two.