Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back from vacation.

I am back from a short trip out of town and just in time for LRS's White Show. This show is going to be a light-hearted affair and a lot of fun. I have 3 parts to play, the largest being that of a woman who sneaks away for a clandestine picnic and turns her partner into a swing in order to do aerial tricks on him.

This is based on the performance I did at this last Seattle Erotic Art Festival, which most people couldn't see because of the staging. so, if you didn't get a chance to see me perform then, I can promise you that you will be able to see this act quite easily at LRS. Remember that the Studio performances happen at the building on the corner of Dexter and Harrison. Not at the same building the spa is located in.

Here is the press release for the Little Red Studio's White Show:

The wearing of white between Memorial Day and Labor Day brings up many memories of decades past and societal mores. Summer beach vacations, sprinkled with lavish parties and secret rendezvous, entice us to remember our own days and nights of coming out and to peel off the layers of winter to see what's peeking at us underneath...

In bygone eras of our history and of our lives, we remember that moment when innocence was lost, while so much more was yet to be discovered.

The White Show features all-live music from our incredible in-house band, "Red Delicious"! Tea parties, croquet, the Charleston and many more surprises await you in this fun romp of a show.

For reservations to pay at the door please call us at 206-328-4758 or buy your tickets online.

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