Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday is Ladies' Night at the Spa!

Now that summer's almost here in full force, I would love to hear feedback on how the Spa Nights can still be as relaxing and comfortable. I was thinking that I would lower the ambient temperature, though I can promise you, there will be no air conditioning at the spa. Usually during the summer, we lower the hot tub's temperature to 97F so that Watsu sessions are more comfortable. Please let me know if you would like the hot tub turned down from it's soaking temperature of 100F.

As usual, I will be here from 6pm - 10pm at 1506 Franklin Ave. E. No reservations necessary, just drop in and enjoy the spa's offerings. I'll be doing a limited number of mini massages, too.

Next Monday is Memorial Day. We will be open regular hours. I will be on vacation so Courtnee* will be holding court next week in my place. She and I are cooking up special things for her to offer, so check back and see what she'll be up to next week.

*I'll introduce Courtnee properly as soon as thing slow down a little.

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