Friday, May 9, 2008

Sunday Art Show: Hengst works on paper

Sunday, May 11th from 1-6PM
406 Dexter Avenue N, Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 328-4758

To be so Fortunate:

Most of us wish that we had something we could do in those funny little moments throughout our day. These are the times between this or that when you have the time but not the energy for anything particular. And yet there is that yearning. To be productive! To be creative! For some, it's noodling around on the piano, for others it's, well, cleaning the bathroom.

Many visual artists develop a way of sketching that satisfies this itch. And if they are lucky, this practice becomes a tender intimate relationship with their muse. It's a way of communing with the roots of their artistic source without the burden of producing a "Serious work of art" or fulfilling the terms of a commission or even just lifting the materials and tools that are often more complex and costly. (You may be familiar with Dale Chihuly's ketchup bottle squirts on paper.) And if you are really lucky, this intimacy will become a source of inspiration for new directions and individual pieces in one's main artistic production. And if you are luckier still, these humble explorations may be worth looking at in their own right.

Jeff feels that lucky. For a long time he allowed every guest at LRS to pick one of his works of this nature off the wall or out of a tray as a way of saying thank you for coming and passing along the good fortune. Well, that was back when there were 20 guests on a good night. Now, with 80 or so guests coming almost every week, it just isn't possible.

So, we are having a sale and we are selling them at as reasonable a price as we can. But what are these works? What do they look like?

Jeff will be showing two types of this work in a special show this Sunday from 1-6PM. They will all be small works on paper. They are a cross between landscape and abstraction and they are made with the tools and materials of printers. In fact, they look a lot like prints but they are all one of a kind. Jeff considers these to be the most sophisticated and subtle of his creations. He will also be showing works that are 4"x6" photographs that have been painted over in a similar fashion. Many of the photographs are of LRS troupe members modeling or performing.

All works will be $20 or $40. These are great keep-sakes of LRS and make great gifts.

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