Friday, August 8, 2008

LRS on the radio!

KUOW did an interview with Jeff Hengst about Little Red Studio and the Little Red Day Spa and it's going to air today at 2:50pm! KUOW is 94.9 on the fm dial. Tune in to your radio and hear the latest about the Studio, or Go to their website and click on "Listen Live to KUOW (MP3)"

Tonight's Gold Show at LRS is looking amazing. We have a new couple joining us who sing 18th century bawdy songs in full period undergarments, a storyteller with an erotic tale to entice you, a summertime dessert, poetry, Bellydancing, body painting, and I am doing a new aerials act! Whew, that's a lot and I didn't even list the whole program. As always, there will be dancing and a non-alcoholic drinks and dessert bar during the show, as well as after the final act. I am very excited about this new act. I don't want to give away too much, but it is going to ahve an element of puppetry to the aerials which has been really tricky to work out, but has turned out great. I hope to see you there!

Also, this Sunday evening is Couple's Night at the Spa. It's from 7pm until 10pm, $25 per couple and we are asking for reservations. Courtnee will be holding court in the spa, facilitating your use of the equipment. For a nominal gratuity, she will help you to pamper your sweetie with the mud or a salt scrub. Please call me at 206-963-0772 or email Sophia at to get your space saved.

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