Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thoughts of Ruination

Yesterday, I saw on the back of a car the saying "I'd rather be ruining my life." I have been thinking about it ever since.

What exactly do they mean? I have often wondered, and been annoyed, by the bumper stickers and license plate holders that proclaim what the drive would rather be doing, or driving. If you would rather be doing something else other than driving, for goodness sakes, do it! Or if I am feeling really cynical, I wonder how focused the driver is on the task at hand (namely, driving)if they would rather be skiing or riding their bike. It makes me nervous.

But, ruining your life? Is it catering to the idea that if it's fun, it must not be good for you? Combating this concept touches on the center of the why we have set up the Little Red Day Spa as we have. Every spa session has treatments what have tremendous health benefits, but the main thing we had in mind when we have created our offerings was joy. When you are enjoying yourself, when something is fun, you are rejuvenated. So much about our daily life revolves around "have to" and "need to" rather than "want to" and that in itself is stressful. Joy is necessary to maintain balance and health and happiness.

So please, don't think of doing things that bring you joy as wasting time, or ruining your life. Remember that joy is often what gives our lives meaning and fulfills us.


Anonymous said...

Sophia, you express it so well. Why do we seldom seek experiences that improve our physical health, reduce our stress, create a sense of safety and emotional well being, add joy, spark creativity, and allow intimate emotional connections? We deserve the good without having to apologize for not balancing it with the bad. I love that the Little Red Day Spa provides so much of the good in such a special space. I remember commenting to my wife after one of the sessions that all day I kept feeling a nagging sense of serenity. Thank you. -Jim

Musings of a Spa Queen said...

You are *very* welcome, Jim!

A nagging sense of serenity? Can I quote you on that? I love it! Thank you for the kind words!


Anonymous said...

Of course you can. It was an odd, yet very satisfying feeling.