Monday, August 18, 2008

Where did summer go?

I woke up to a thunderstorm this morning. It was dramatic and wet. in my email box was an eerie and beautiful photo of lightening streaming down in front of purple clouds in a pre-dawn sky. I am truly thankful for the chance to remember that there is beauty in everything, even scary thunder and lightening storms.

We ran out of salt glow yesterday and I was faced with the decision of whether to make more of the pineapple or create a new recipe. Ultimately, summer isn't over so I stuck with the pineapple, and intensified the essential oil component for fun. The symbolism of tying the scrub to the seasons made me loath to move forward toward fall too quickly.

Today is a quiet day at the spa, and if you are looking for a last minute appointment, I just had a 1:30pm slot open up. So this is your chance if you are the type who never knows their schedule. Tomorrow is still quite open, too.

Tonight is Ladies' Spa Night, 7pm - 10pm. Hope to see you here!

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