Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back from the holidays!

So much has been happening here at the spa. Here is a quick synopsis.

~We had another round of renovations, which induced a bit of rearranging and reorganization. Soon, the piano will be moved out of the spa and our changing area will be more like a changing room!

~The Open Spa Nights were canceled, but new ideas are forming for a another event. One of the dancers at Little Red Studio has the idea of having a blues dance lesson for couples during a spa night. She and I are still working out the details. Keep tuned to our newsletter, hopefully we'll be ready to host this evening around Valentine's Day.

~The spa products that were for sale at the Little Red Studio's Holiday Bazaar are going to become a regular offering at the Spa and the Studio. You will be able buy salt scrub, bath salts, massage oil, among other things, at both locations. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me and supported me in developing these products. Your feedback and noses were very valuable!

~The Little Red Day Spa is going to have a presence at the Little Red Studio shows! If you went to the Saffron Show, you experienced the Touch tent where people delighted your skin with feathers, faux furs, honey dust and massage. It was so well received and so much fun for us, that it will soon become a staple of the Gold and other Coloured show. I am looking for more tactile activities, so, if you have a suggestion, please feel free to offer it up the next time you see me or via email.

The New Year's Eve Party will have a "Touch Tent" with all of the above and I have just been contacted by our resident Yogini, Mishabae, offering to teach people yoga postures for couples and some of her yummy "Thai Yogassage" tricks!


Anonymous said...

Will the spa be open after this year's New Year party? It was fun last year!

Musings of a Spa Queen said...

That was a lot of fun!

Not this year. The NYE party will be hosted at the space at Harrison & Dexter. There is a private rental at the Spa on New Year's Eve.