Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Suffering Change and Relationships"

Jeff Hengst Art Show - Sunday, December 7th

The official announcement:
The Little Red Studio is among many other things, a place where artists and guests are experimenting with new kinds of relationships. The world has changed.... again..... continuously...... and it is felt that the kind and nature of our relationships must change too. Notions of what it is to be a "couple" seem outmoded like old clothes, or worse, just flat out don't fit anymore. And yet, what aspects of "relationships" are enduring values and how do they get re-dressed? What does that look like? And now, with the topic of legalizing same sex marriages being debated in our courts, the subject has taken on a special kind of social urgency.

These are questions that Jeff has explored in his paintings for the past 20 years. On Sunday, December 7, there will be a show of Jeff's paintings at all of the LRS venues. The paintings have been selected to provoke some serious contemplation on this set of related subjects. There will be paintings that have not been shown at LRS before including works from the early 90's before Jeff started painting the figure in the manner we have come to expect. These early works have their own mythic impact and will no doubt be startling to many.

Jeff believes that painting's most important contribution to our lives these days is an opportunity for serious contemplation, deliberation and calm probity. This show will be set up to encourage that kind of interaction with the art.

The spa will be closed for spa services and instead will function as a sort of "museum gift shop." While everything in the show is for sale, the spa will have lots of smaller works, "holiday specials" and works on paper. Sophia will "hold court" there and assist you.

Roland and Jeff will be available throughout the Harrison Space, Cafe and Upper Studio at Franklin for questions about the art.

Doors open at 1PM on Sunday December 7. The Spa will close at 6. All other spaces will be open until 8PM. You may call to make arrangements to preview the show. 206-963-0633.

I will also have spa products for sale. I am incredibly proud of the bubble bath.

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