Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun with words and scheduling for Saturday.

I love words. I get daily emails from and Urban Dictionary. I have to admit, the Urban Dictionary is more for it's entertainment value that any scholarly merit. That is proved by today's "word":

What Would James Kirk Do? When stuck in a life-threatening, impossible situation with no realistic plausible means of escape, only a plan thought up by James "Jim" Kirk would work.
Person 1: OK, were stuck in an underground cavern on a distant planet with no access to the surface.

Person 2: We need a plan. WWJKD?

I am a big Star Trek fan, having grown up with parents who were sci-fi lovers. When William Shatner came out with a music album a few years ago with Ben Folds, it justified years of my adoration of him. The man was an actor in a futuristic soap opera who rolled with it and held his head high. I always wanted to be Captain Kirk when I was a kid, so I'll probably let wwjkd enter my personal lexicon.

On a scheduling note, this Saturday, the 9th, the Spa is closing down for a Little red Speakeasy. Appointments must end at 4pm so that set-up can begin. I actually have one appointment left, at 1:30pm. If you are interested, please give me a call at (206) 963-0772. The Speakeasy events happen once a quarter and turn into a spa night after the performances are done. If you miss Couple's Spa Night, sign up for the LRS Newsletter so you can know when the next Speakeasy is scheduled.

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