Saturday, May 30, 2009

oil vs. lotion

You may have noticed when you are about to receive a massage at the Little Red Day Spa that we give you the option of scented or unscented oil. I do have a bottle of lotion available, but it is not a product I think to ever use. Why not, you ask? Because if I wouldn't eat something, I don't want to put it on my skin. (As a fun aside, when I was doing a bit of research, I found this web page geared toward vegetarians using this saying.)

Human skin is an amazing, multi-purpose organ. It not only keeps our insides, inside, but it also allows "things" in and out of us. Skin is quite permeable and can absorb approximately 50% of a substance applied topically in comparison to ingesting the same substance. This is why I use a cold pressed, food grade sunflower oil as a massage lubricant. And while the amount of salt I use in the scrubs makes them inedible, I use whole foods for this same reason. It doesn't hurt to think about the possibility of trace amounts of Vitamin C are being absorbed into your body while you are getting a lime and avocado scrub. also, the fat in avocados is made up of the exact kind of lipids that moisturizes our skin which helps maintain elasticity.


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