Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm teaching an anatomy class May 23rd.

When not doing Watsu and running the Little Red day Spa, I enjoy sharing my knowledge so that others can be safe in their explorations.

ANATOMY 101 FOR BDSM is a class that focuses on basic human anatomy and physiology for anyone interested in engaging in BDSM play safely and effectively. There will be lecture, demo and some practice finding nerves, organs and blood vessels.

When: May 23rd
Time: Noon - 4pm
Where: Center for Sex Positive Culture (membership not required for workshop)
Cost: $35

Why should you have a deeper understanding of the human body beyond "the knee bone is connected to the leg bone"?

So you don't break your toys!

Whether that is someone else, or your own body, this class will help you gain a basic understanding of human anatomy, and some physiological processes, in order in increase safety and enhance enjoyment of BDSM activities. Learn how to palpate various structures such as nerves, exploit the body's weaknesses to further a scene, strategies to distinguish good pain from bad pain, and increase play options. (Translation: Tops, I am going to teach you easy ways to be meaner. Bottoms, I am going to help you recognize potentially problematic circumstances before something goes wrong.)

This class will include lecture and demos that incorporate participation with plenty of time to get your anatomy questions answered.
Bring a writing utensil and wear loose clothing.
Due to space availability, please RSVP to

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