Friday, August 7, 2009

Blood Drive at LRS - 8/21/09

Organizing a blood drive have been on Jeff's list of things he wants Little Red Studio to do for many years now. The logistics of coordinating this is quite a bit more than any of us expected. There are restrictions of who can give blood. Please check out the guidelines to see if you can donate. If you aren't eligible to donate, please consider volunteering an hour of your time during the drive doing non-medical duties.

Excerpt of an email from Jeff Hengst-
We are hosting the Puget Sound Blood Center's Blood Mobile at LRS for our next Gold Show on the 21st of August. Part of LRS's mission is to help us all gain a better understanding of how the Gift economy and the Money economy can elide or work together and support each other. For many of us, these two "economies" are ill understood and confusing especially when they collide or attempt to overlap. This is nowhere more true and challenging than what we do with our own bodies. Blood is donated and then sold. How is that tenable? Our art is donated by the Troupe's artists, but admission is charged at the door. How does that work?

Obviously we would like you to consider donating blood. Just as important to us, is that we would like this to spark conversation about all of this.

Anybody who does donate blood on the 21st will be offered free dinner at the Bistro and a ticket to the show that night! Please give us a call at (206) 963-0633 if you are interested. We need to assure the Blood Mobile that we will have 35 donors.

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