Thursday, August 27, 2009

The holiday week(end) is coming.

Most holidays don't affect the operating hours of the spa since we have so many practitioners with different lifestyles. With Labor Day coming up close, this one may be the hardest to schedule. Please call a little early than normal for an appointment next week. I have quite a few people who are planning on taking time to enjoy a last hurrah of summer late next week.

I will be teaching a couple anatomy classes out at Paradise Unbound, which is a camping event for the sex positive community held out near Redmond. I am happy to share my knowledge to help people keep safe and informed during their explorations. In previous years I have received bodywork from a gentleman who will be teaching massage classes this year. I have seen him teach before and he is quite good.

Men's Spa Night is hosting an extra evening at the Little Red day Spa is Sunday the 30th of August in honor of Richard being in town this week. If you are interested in attending, email and I will get you in touch with Dion and Richard. Also, because of the holiday weekend, there is some question as to whether the 1st Sunday Men's Night will go on as usual. I will let you know by Tuesday or Wednesday what has been decided.

A yoga workshop has been scheduled on Saturday September 5th at 2pm over at the Harrison space, behind the Bistro. It's still in the planning stages, so the only information I have is that it will be 90 minutes long and there is a chance it may become a regular or semi-regular event. I wish we could host this in the spa, however, there is so much more floor space available in the Little Red Studio on Harrison St. Once day, when we get a new building for the Spa, I will be able to host yoga classes. Richard is going to be enrolling in a yoga instructor training program this fall. It would be a treat to be able to have room for him to hold classes at the spa. Some day.

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