Monday, September 7, 2009

Changes are afoot!

I am no longer the Director of the Little Red Day Spa. My official title is Spa Manager and Cheri, whom many of you have worked with as a spa practitioner, is now the Director and will be shepherding the Spa form this date forward. It is a very interesting dynamic. Cheri is my superior and will be making decisions regarding the larger picture decisions, marketing and organizational systems while looking to me to implement these new systems. However, I will manage her as one of the practitioners in the day to day operations of the Spa.

I am very pleased with this development. We have gotten so busy that I have been doing little more than keeping everything going. I was feeling guilty that I had fallen behind in the marketing development I had been charged with by Jeff. I also find that I was not exceptionally suited to that type of work, either. Cheri, on the other hand, is. Go, Cheri!

A big change is the contact email for the Spa has changed to My email at still works, and I will endeavor to affect a gentle switch over. Unfortunately, the company that hosts our website is updating their servers, so the site will not reflect this new email address until the 11th or 12th. overall, I am pleased about this because now I can take time off and not worry about whether emails will get answered in case I forgot to give my password to someone else or not.

Other changes to come include create your own private "Spa Night" event during the day or evening and new spa sessions.

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