Sunday, November 8, 2009

Report on the new spa night.

A few guests have mentioned to me how much they wished we still did a "Couple's Spa Night". As an event, it was very hit and miss. Some evenings were fun and relaxing, and others were tense and quiet as pairs of people moved around the space trying to have a private experience in a semi-public venue. It was obvious to me that, for some of the couple's attending, their needs would have been better met during a private rental.

Hardly the type of atmosphere found during Ladies' Spa Night, which has become quite social in nature. I have nurtured an inclusive culture by introducing everyone as they arrive, to everyone already present. This has become a standard behavior of the regular guests, as well. I often am told that people have already introduced themselves before I get a chance. This one little thing has made it a welcoming space, without being cloying.

For a while now, women who have been enjoying Ladies' Spa Night have made comments along the lines of "I wish I could bring my boyfriend with me, he'd love the clay" or "My sweetie is so jealous that he can't come, too."

Cheri had the brilliant idea that there should be a night that women could bring their male partners to enjoy the spa, too. (The women with female partners already are taken care of.) An evening directly tied to the culture of Ladies' Night. With the social and relaxation aspects in tact, she was confident the awkwardness of the previous Couple's Nights would be avoided. Hence, the "Ladies and the Men they Invite" Spa Night was born.

The first two have gone very well with good attendance. last week's was infiltrated by a group of friends who took up most of the spa. They were a fun group and one of the other couple's reported to me that she and her sweetie had a relaxing time and even got caught up and included in the big group's frivolity.

The next one is a week from today, on November 15th. This is a drop in night from 6pm - 9pm, $15 per person.

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