Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Everyone is so busy!

Except me. The spa is running at it's regular pace.

I was amazed at how many cancellations have been called in recently, until I remembered what month were in. It seems like the times when we are busiest is exactly the times when we could really use a little extra down time to recuperate. I always feel so bad when I can hear it in someone's voice how much they regret having to reschedule or cancel their appointment. Almost as if it hurts to say the words.

So, if you are noticing you have a little extra time after your holiday shopping, or maybe you want to combine getting a spa session with buying someone else a gift certificate, give me a call. I am ending up with more same day appointments available than usual.

1 comment:

McAuliflower said...

hmmm- I wonder if you could do some business wheeling and dealing when your intuition kicks up like that... like offer an add-on of some sort as a free thing to further entice them into doing what they know they should be doing...