Monday, December 3, 2007

Yummy body scrubs!

After McAuliflower suggested that I look to seasonal produce for inspiration for new products, I suddenly found myself looking at things much differently whenever I was at the grocery store.

A lovely woman who has recently become involved with the spa was telling me about using ground up pomegranates as a skin scrub. I love everything about pomegranates; their color, taste and smell are so yummy and vibrant. One of my criteria for new products is affordability. I would like to keep our rates stable. Accounting is so much easier when all the sessions keep to the same rules about pricing. For this reason, a pomegranate based scrub is out. However, adding ground pomegranate to a salt scrub is not financially prohibitive.

On to the product testing!

Did you know, pomegranate seeds are mightier than a mortar and pestle? The slipperiness of the seeds combined with my lack of practice with this device was somewhat comical. I have a blender, though, and that worked nicely. The only result of using the blender that I am not pleased with is that the brilliance of the red is somewhat diminished. I am hoping that once all the air bubbles that created the froth settles, the original color will return.

Mixing the pomegranate with the salt and oil mixture was dramatic! Very lovely to look at, indeed. The salt took much of the sweet smell away from the fruit, so I added in a generous amount of Tangerine essential oil for balance.

Happy with the resultant mixture both visually and nasally, I hunted down my house mate and talked her into letting me scrub her arm. She gave the color a big thumbs up and commented it was a bit scratchier than the last batch I made. I did use a different type of salt, a kosher sea salt, this time. Back to the fine grain Mediterranean sea salt, I guess. I don't think it's necessary to take off the top 3 layers of skin during a body scrub. Two layers is adequate.

I am so excited about the Pomegranate Salt Scrub that I am going to find a way to feature it at the spa. Please fell free to request it!

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McAuliflower said...

quite belatedly,
very cool! I love that color too. It makes me want to play with pomegranate as a blusher somehow.
The pairing with tangerine sounds wonderful.

Another fun one that I'm going to just have to do is a peppermint grapefruit elbow scrub.

Do you also add oil to your salt scrub?