Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Session Available

To keep things at the spa fresh and interesting, I have been reviewing our offers with an eye to change things up. We have a "Hot Stone Massage" session, which I don't much care for. I don't believe in using tools to do massage as it takes me a step away from the real power of bodywork: touch. Add in that I have a fear of being burned and it's not really a good fit. Fortunately, Zan, another LMP at the spa, loves doing the stone massage and has been more than happy to take those sessions. Unfortunately, because of my bias, those sessions aren't promoted as much and it bothers me that the stones often lie around unused. That seems wasteful.

Along with revamping existing sessions, I decided to start developing seasonal sessions. So here we are, entering the depths of winter. I, for one, always get hit by the winter blues. Aside from the full spectrum light bulbs and increasing my exercise, I also indulge in anything that reminds me of summer or warm weather, such as eating more oranges (I once read a book with a line describing orange juice as liquid sunshine,) or buying flowers, sitting on sun warmed rocks in the mountains. Wouldn't it be nice to combine all those things into an experience that warms you up makes you think of sunnier days?

Behold! The Winter Spa Session: Imagine rolling your feet over and around smooth, heated river rocks while getting your feet washed and rubbed in a warm foot bath. You'll be floated into oblivion in our spacious hot tub by your attentive practitioner until all your stress had been drained away by the swirling water. After being deposited back on dry land, you'll be given warm stones to hold during your hot oil body treatment. A Pomegranate Tangerine Salt scrub will enliven your skin, which you will shower off in our custom shower, emerging refreshed and rejuvenated.

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