Monday, December 10, 2007

Ladie's Night at the Spa.

When I first got interested in the spa industry, I took great delight in checking out all the other spas in the area and learning who offered what. It gave me a good idea of what was "out there" and what wasn't. There is a wish list I gave to Jeff, the owner, that is still quite long of what I want to do with the spa. We are slowly ticking off items as the timing and resources present themselves.

Right now is a very exciting time with whispers of a merger and moving the spa into a new building. I shouldn't say much right now, because everything is still in the "this is a good idea" and early planning stages, but come summer time, I just might get some of my bigger wishes fulfilled.

In the meantime, the idea of having a Ladies' Night at the Spa is reaching maturity. (The Men's Night is a little farther down the pike.) This will be a weekly occurrence on Mondays, costing $10 per woman, starting at 6pm and going until 10pm. This evening will be a mellow event with all the spa offerings available for women to indulge in, either as a self-service of with help from a friend or other spa guest. I will be there, of course, facilitating the use of products and the space. Normally, coming to the spa is restricted to one appointment at a time, so this event will be quite different in that it will be on a drop-in basis. Reservations are requested so that I can have enough staff on hand. If I get enough people to make reservations, I plan on bringing on a massage therapist and an esthetician to do mini-massages and facials as an add-on service to the entry fee.

I am looking to start having the Ladies' Night at the Little Red Day Spa in early January. Any feedback or suggestions you would like to offer are most welcome.


Lorelei said...

Ooh, this is a terrific idea! Keep us posted - I will definitely want to attend.

Body Candle Girl said...
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Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic!