Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our first Catered Spa Session!

Was a success!

Last week, a couple came in to celebrate a birthday. The woman was a "foodie," her sweetie told me, and wanted to include her taste buds in the pampering. I checked with Chef Kim, and even though 3 days was short notice, he assured me he could come up with something. Because of the surprise nature of the session, Kim set up the food before the start of the session. Everything would be in place so that the birthday girl could have her pick of what she wanted to do first: lunch, Watsu or massage.

The food was beautiful and delicious. (I consider myself very lucky to have been invited to partake.) Kim had arranged on a slab of marble an array of savory and sweet nibbles, most of which that could be eaten by hand. The couple took great delight in feeding each other.

Here is what they feasted on:
Asparagus slightly blanched and then marinated in olive oil & a herb blend, along with artichoke hearts.
Baby onion that had been soaked in a sweet balsamic syrup and then roasted.
A variety of olives and a gorgonzola boursin that tasted wonderful when combined with the dates.
Hand made bread that could be slathered with triple cream blue cheese nested in apricot jam.
Blackened salmon, with a Cajun flair to it, rested on a generous portion of fresh hummus.
A non-dairy, semi-sweet chocolate sauce in a martini glass with strawberries, mango and kiwi for dipping.
Lavender soda water was a raved about finishing touch.

I am so impressed that all of this wonderful food was what he could whip up on short notice. Not that I am surprised, just very pleased with the elegance of presentation and quality of the food. The quantity was notable, as well. The birthday girl gleefully wrapped up and took home enough for a snack.

If you would like to add catering to your spa session or private spa rental, please note that for an optimum culinary experience Chef Kim asks for 7 days notice. The menu will change to reflect what is in seasonal, and any dietary restrictions you may have. Basic catering, as described above, is $50 for a light meal. You can choose savory, sweet, or a combination of the two.

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