Friday, April 4, 2008

Yin and Yang

Yesterday I hosted M. Yu of The JadeGate in Austin, TX at the Spa. I shared watsu with him and he shared his blend of bodywork and acupuncture with me. Quite an experience all round.

What was most dramatic for me was the contrast of the energy that each treatment generated. I found acupuncture to be charged, intense and stimulating, with relaxation only entering into the equation when he shifted to manual bodywork. A marked difference from Watsu, where, even as the giver, I am enveloped by the soothing nature of being in the water and gentleness of the movements.

He commented that it was a jump to go between the two. Watsu was the most pure yin modality he had experienced, where as acupuncture is very yang. This concept piques my interest in Eastern oriented healing arts. The idea of being able to create a balance in a spa session appeals to me.


M.Yu said...

Yin, Yang, Qi and Thee

Thanks, it was great. It took me back to diving for dinner in CR. Except with a woman holding me!

Hope to return soon. The art always has a strong effect on me. I need to get a print for my place.

Thanks again!

Musings of a Spa Queen said...

You are very welcome.

Speaking of the art, Jeff is going to have a $100 sale soon. It will be mostly older works and smaller, though the blue water buffalo that is currently in the Spa will more than likely be one of the pieces in the sale. I'll keep you updated.