Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chef Kim

We had a company meeting yesterday where we discussed how Chef Kim will be integrating catering services into Little Red Studio and the Little Red Day Spa. He has an incredible wealth of experience that ranges from owning his own deli to working in resort restaurants to running coffee shops. In the months he has been involved with LRS, I have noticed that he is particularly gifted in embellishing simple foods and desserts to create delicacies. I had never thought drinking a milkshake could be a decadent experience until he made his strawberry confection from scratch one night last summer.

There are talks of catering Ladies' Night with a light nosh or perhaps even something a little more substantial that can be purchased for those arriving straight from work. Kim has promised me a menu designed for anyone who would like their spa session to include a culinary delight. The idea is to have a seasonal menu so that someone could choose either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian spread for two, that could be considered a light meal of heavy snack, or a more elaborate variety of savory foods or sweet treats (or a combination) to make a more catered meal.

I am truly excited to see what he will come up with, as he is incredibly creative and has a natural ability to know what tastes will come together to delight your palate. Kim also has a great deal of experience working with developing menus around allergies and I have tasted his wheat-free treats. It is impressive with how well he has converted recipes. Good things will be available, very soon!

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