Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sharing art and fun.

"We enjoyed the recent Red Show. Funny thing, we chose to not participate in the body painting at the show but were all for Mahina's suggestion to try it. Thanks again for arranging to have Mahina work with us." ~S (Guest of LRS and Spa.)

Most people who come to the Little Red Day Spa and the Little Red Studio are very excited about our interactive nature. Some people are a little more reserved and are hesitant to jump right in. I have always maintained that observation is a valid form of participation and encouraged guests to only do what is comfortable.

Last weekend, a couple, S & D, came to the spa for their second visit. They requested to work with Mahina, the same practitioner as the first time they came in. It's wonderful when guests make a connection with their practitioner. (I will always do my best to honor requests.) They didn't have a clear idea of which session they wanted, and I encouraged them to take their time and decide at the day of their appointment. Mahina is an artist and painter, so I was not surprised to hear she broke out the paints.

The next day, I got a call from S saying that he had left his camera at the spa. We arranged a time for him to come pick it up and all became well in the world again. A few days later, I get a fun email with a photo attached of S & D's body painting! Good thing we got him his camera back! When someone takes the time to share their spa experiences with me, I am always swept up in the emotion. I hope you will enjoy these pictures and see them as a testament to how art can be a real and immediate part of your life, as well as a fun and intimate experience.

I love how the painting sessions are so malleable; you can focus on the art or you can delight in the textures; you can help paint, or sit back and watch as the practitioner uses your sweetie as a canvas for their art; you can reach into the primal and tribal aspects of ourselves and it can be very spiritual. Or you don't have to even choose, you can let it flow into a mixture of all these things as the energy of the day dictates.

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