Sunday, February 10, 2008

A fresh new week.

I have a newly painted wall where the triptych hung on the north wall of the spa. It make the whole room quieter, more peaceful. My first glance into the spa after it had been painted was uneventful. It looks so right, I didn't notice the change at first. All the paintings seem so small, though. I miss the imposing height and breadth of "Suffering Change".

However, I find that feeling fleeting after getting a peek at the new sketches for the triptych that Jeff has started. The first panel has been painted in scale, meaning it's only 1/4th of what it will be in size. the first one is of a man applying clay to a woman. It's very sweet and playful. Jeff is thinking of asking one of LRS's newer troupe members to be the male model, as he and his wife started out as a guests of the spa. This is one way art is interwoven into the very fabric of the spa.

I am going to ask that Jeff allow me to display it in the spa as he works on it. Hopefully, he will let me have it in time for Ladies' night tomorrow. It will be fun to hear what people think of it.

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