Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sometimes you have to be sad.

When someone is a regular guest and I don't see them come in for a while, I like to think it's because their life is full and busy and that I'll see them again when things slow down. Being part of the service industry that is more of a luxury than a necessity, sometimes I only see people a few times a year.

Yesterday I got a call regarding a regular guest who hasn't been in for his monthly appointment in the last two months. His brother wanted us to know that he had passed away. He was very kind to mention that his brother always spoke fondly of his appointments here at the spa. Now I find myself in the position of having to pass on the news to his favorite practitioner and the rest of the office staff. Not only was he a patron of the spa, but he and his brother often came to the Little Red Studio shows. This is more difficult than I thought. I have never been in this position of having before, and I can only hope I am doing it right.

Oddly enough, I am not sad that he died. Death is a part of life and not to be lamented in and of itself. I am sad for his brother and the rest of his family who will miss him. I am sad I won't have my interactions with him anymore, brief as they were, they had become regular occurrence and a part of my routine on the third Saturday of the month. And I am sad because it shatters my fantasy that the reason I don't see my regulars around is because they are doing something better.

Pardon me while I go make sure my loved ones know they are loved by me.

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