Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ladies' Night Protocol

There really isn't a set protocol for Monday evening's Ladies' Night. All the Spa's accouterments are out all evening for anyone's use throughout the evening. The hot tub is open, with the temperature higher than we keep it for Watsu, set at about 100 degrees. The salt scrub at the ready in the shower. The mud basin, filled at the moment with terra cotta clay and Rosewood and Lavender essential oils, perched on it's wrought iron stand close to the heat lamp. The massage table set up and the warmed oil at the ready.

However, it is interesting how the evening has developed as more people become regulars. Most women start out soaking in the hot tub, despite the time they arrive. There is often lively conversation with an atmosphere that is inclusive and friendly. With candles burning softly in lanterns and warm tea, it's easy to melt away stress.

After the first hour, women who arrived early start gravitating toward the mud basin. The energy in the room is mellower, but the slathering of mud on self and others brings it up a little making the room feel a bit lively and fun. Those who choose to forgo the mud lounge in the big, soft chairs and futon. While the mud dries, the conversation gets quieter, with some women lying or sitting in meditation.

This is usually the time of the evening when I do massages or blend essential oils for those who have signed up at the beginning of the evening.

Next the showering and salt scrubbing. Women rotating into the shower in a parade of various shades of brown and exiting the shower with softly glowing skin from the scrub. This is one of my favorite times of the evening, with the smell of strawberries heavy in the humid air of the studio. After the first few showers, even the women who didn't mud up feel the desire to use the fresh made body scrub.

The evening always trails to an end of women in towels or wrapped in robes, looking at art books, talking quietly is smaller groups or resting, eyes closed, and enjoying the blissful relaxation. Slowly, the studio empties of women, who leave in ones and twos. Everyone always says good bye to the room; the camaraderie is authentic and welcome. And evening that ends in sleepy, satiated smiles is a good one, indeed.

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