Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A partner in crime!

Chef Kim helped me choose the ingredients of the Strawberry salt scrub. Since he does all the shopping for the Little Red Studio, I asked him to pick up whatever was plentiful and in season. I told him not to worry, that I was letting fate decide the main ingredient.

He choose strawberries, which, interestingly enough, I had decided on and then second guessed myself as to the appropriateness of the timing. He assured me that this was the time for strawberries, that they heralded spring. Then I sat him down and showed him how I choose the essential oil to accompany the fruit. He had a great time sniffing different combinations and I loved the detailed feedback he gave about each blended smell.

Finally, I knew I had it and eagerly held up the bottle of Ginger essential oil with a berry for him to sniff together. He closed his eyes, inhaled deeply, held it a moment and popped his eyes right back open.

"This is it!"

Due to the juiciness of the berries, I didn't add as much sunflower oil to this batch. The result was a thinner, more soup-like consistency. I was a bit concerned that would affect the efficacy, but it did not. In fact, during it's trial run at the last Ladies' Night, it was given the "thumbs up" for being more luxurious than the Pomegranate scrub. Slightly less scratchy, which is cause for rejoicing for the people who had to decline the Pomegranate scrub because of delicate skin.

Kim just sent me a note that he has ideas for summer's salt scrub with coconut. He has also promised me a menu for catered spa sessions. It is quite exciting to be able to work with someone with a keen sense of smell and a gift for blending foods to create a sensuous eating experience.


McAuliflower said...

this sounds exciting!

I'm looking forward to what other combinations you concoct.

Musings of a Spa Queen said...

I'll be sure to share recipes!