Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring Forward!

In honor of changing to Daylight Savings Time, and the maturation of the Strawberry Ginger Salt Scrub, I offer you the Little Red Day Spa's Seasonal Offering for Spring:

*insert fan fare here*

Spring Thaw Spa Session

Feel yourself uplifted by the light scent of Peppermint while getting your feet washed and rubbed in a warm foot bath. After a light Roman Body Brushing, you'll be floated into oblivion in our spacious hot tub by your attentive practitioner until all your stress is drained away by the swirling water. After being deposited back on dry land, you'll bask under radiant heat while enjoying your hot oil body treatment with specially scented oil. Fresh Strawberry Ginger Sea Salt scrub will enliven your skin, which you will shower off in our custom shower, emerging refreshed and rejuvenated. Singles or Couples: 90 minutes - $150. 120 minutes - $200.

Call (206)963-0772 for questions and appointments!

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