Sunday, March 2, 2008

Now that SEAF is over, back to the grind!

Though, luckily my grind is a lot kinder than others. Tomorrow, I'll be enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of Ladies' Night after a big weekend of an Little Red Studio Gold show and the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. I will give a report on those events after I have had a chance to catch up at the Spa.

As always, I will be in the Spa with doors and hot tub open from 6pm until 10pm. Drop in anytime between these hours and soak in the hot tub, play in the clay, scrub yourself until you are polished or lounge in the sumptuous atmosphere with interesting women. Cost is $10 per woman.

Massage is available for an added $10 for ten minutes. I am going to have my aromatherapy kit with me, too. Essential oil custom blends will be an extra $5 if you bring your own oil or lotion, or $10 if you choose to have your blend added to a 4 ounce glass bottle of the spa's base massage oil of choice, sunflower oil. Really, I can scent any product you would like, or just bring in an empty glass vial or jar for a pure essential oil blend to be used as perfume.

Little Red Day Spa
1506 Franklin Ave. E. Seattle, WA 98102
6pm - 10pm

Call for information or directions.

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