Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Limited hours on Thanksgiving Day.

While talking with Courtnee about the Spa's schedule this week, she said:
I will totally do sessions on thanksgiving, too. Actually a session would be really lovely to do on thanksgiving, considering how thankful I am for that place.

So, to break with tradition, we will offer appointments this Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. No same day appointments possible, though. Please make sure to call before 7pm Wednesday. After then, I'll be off duty until Friday at noon when I help out at the LRS Holiday Bazaar, or as Jeff has been referring to it, the "bizarre."

And while I echo Courtnee's thankfulness for both LRS and the Day Spa, I am going to enjoy family and friends and food. Whatever you are thankful for, I hope your week is wonderful and relaxing and fun.

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