Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Practitioner changes.

David & Adele, the Tandem Bliss practitioners are no longer doing spa sessions at the Little Red Day Spa. Life has changed for them and I will miss the sweet energy they brought to the spa. I wish them well and will leave the door ajar for them to return, should they so desire. We will still offer the Tandem Bliss spa session, with a few minor adjustments, so if 2 practitioners working on you sounds like the luxury you would like to indulge in, you can give us a call at (206)963-0772 or email Sophia at

Coming into the fold is Dion, a wonderful massage therapist who has recently passed his Esthetics. He and I are working closely on designing a new spa session that will incorporate his skills in skin care. Perhaps a spa session that starts with a foot bath and foot massage, progresses to the hot tub for water contact massage, then back to land for a facial and finishing with a fully body salt scrub. More info soon!

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