Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ahead of the game.

Today has been full of accomplishments. I feel like I could be done and still satisfied with the day. I still have the floors to mop and the hot tub to clean, so I still get to revel in being productive.

We shut down the spa today for routine tub maintenance and had the Spa Doctor people come in and give us a tune up and check out a weird noise. Turns out it was as simple as having a small plastic wheel looking thing stuck inside the pump. How it got there, I have no idea, as it had to go through the filter to get there! In response to the found object, we have a new policy of nothing smaller than a fist in/at the hot tub. Sorry, ladies, no more treats other than tea and water in the tub while soaking during Ladies' Spa Night.

I got to look over some paperwork that our CFO, Roland, is working on that details the improvements and future plans for the spa. With all the talk of investors, I am seeing some great things that could happen to the spa. Not the least of which is a larger tub. This means that I could have two people receiving watsu simultaneously. For those of you who enjoy the Couple's Massage sessions, you would be able to have the Watsu equivalent when we get this new tub.

There is no set date on when any of this will happen. It could be next month or next year. There is no knowing how long the process will take. But reading the paperwork and making my notes on it for the next revision made it real for me as a possibility. Getting to put in my two cents was an incredible honor. This is Jeff's business, but it's been my baby for over 3 years now. Jeff giving me room to direct and steer the spa is why I feel such a profound sense of ownership. I am fortunate to have such a job.

I am heading back to my grind, with these happy thoughts of new buildings, huge watsu pools and a waterfall for a cold plunge filling my imagination.

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