Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Creative Movement Workshop

Cody, one of the practitioners from when we first started the spa, came in last week to teach the Spa's current practitioners how facilitate a Creative Movement Spa Session. We spent the time doing floor work and the next session will revolve around incorporating movement into watsu.

It was a profound experience for me. This work can be deeply moving, in the emotional sense, even though the movements your body makes can be subtle and gentle. Perhaps that is exactly why it was such an emotional experience for me. Movement unlocks more than just physical tensions and Cody gave space for emotions to come out and encouraged us to let whatever was there have expression. I had been hit with 2 days of bad news so I had grief. Others were giggly, another was languid and sleepy. Cody made equal room for all reactions and expressions.

One of the skills I pride myself on is giving my attention my guest and focusing on creating a nurturing atmosphere. I learned that sometimes letting the atmosphere drift until all participants settle where they need to be, emotionally and physically, is better than having a strict agenda of what happens when. It was a good lesson in fluidity.

I am happy to say that there are now multiple practitioners who can do this session now. The Creative Movement session is now much more avilable than it was before.

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