Sunday, April 26, 2009

Erotic Shorts

No, not underwear. Plays about sexuality and relationships and love.

I just now got home from watching the Little Red Studio's fourth Erotic Shorts: An Evening of Short Erotic Plays. I am still reeling from the experience. What an emotional ride! Some of the plays were wistful, others funny as all get out, tenderness crept into more than a few and one made me weep. I wish I could convey how much I was moved but that would be terribly difficult to do coherently since each play pushed different emotional buttons.

There is still another weekend you can see these plays, for which I am very thankful. Next weekend is the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, so if Erotic Shorts hadn't been extended to a 2 week run, I wouldn't have gotten to see it, since the decision was made to have it coincide with the Festival. In fact, one of the plays, "Pass the Salt", is going to be preformed during Thursday's Invitation Only Artist Reception. (The only way to get into that is to buy a Velvet Ticket Package.)

I highly recommend seeing Erotic Shorts. Art that delights, amuses and stirs you is so nourishing.

Watch as a husband and wife have a typical dinner at home, or do they? A first date unfolds, a sexy film shoot gets a little off track, a glimpse backstage at two actors during a Shakespeare production, and two co-workers struggle to find a connection with one another... These stories and more will delight and fascinate you, creating a wonderful evening of theater at Little Red Studio!

Featuring the following playwrights: Benjamin Harris, Jeffrey James Ircink, Jerry Kraft, Darian Lindle, John Longenbaugh, Louise Penberthy, and Patrick Scott.

And the following directors: Cherilynn Brooks, Donn Christianson, Kirsten Lauzon, John Longenbaugh, Pam Man, Ricky Gene Powell, Beau Prichard, and Marcus Wolland.

Three shows left!
Friday, May 1st @ 9PM
Saturday, May 2nd @ 9PM
Sunday, May 3rd @ 8PM

Where: 400 Dexter Ave N.
How Much: $20

Tickets can be purchased online at Brown Paper Tickets or reserved by calling 206-328-4758.

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