Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Nights of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival

Each night of the Seattle Erotic Art Festival's entertainment is themed around "Indulge Your Senses." We are encouraging guests to join the volunteers and performers in dressing up. Please note that the Thursday Artist's Reception is by invitation only, the only ticket you can buy for attendance is the Velvet Package.

-- Artist Reception: A White Tie Affair. By invitation only. Formal wear appreciated.

Formality combined with sensuality. Whatever you consider formal. Ballgowns and tailcoats? Chokers and waistcoats? Uniforms and regalia? Dress to fascinate, charm, flirt, tantalize, beguile and tease. When in doubt, go with something all in white - a bewitching display of innocence and purity.

FRIDAY 5/1 - May Day!
-- A Silk and Satin Soirée. Seductive dress encouraged.

Clothing that is lavish and luscious with fabrics that attract a caress. Suits and smoking jackets or heels and garters; all in silks and satins and other sensual fabrics. Evoke a feeling of sensuous film noir decadence and drama, femme fatale energy, or sexy sophistication that is sleek and elegant. Dress to entice, arouse, lure, persuade and seduce. When in doubt, go sexy and dark.

-- A Celebration of the Senses. Extravagant attire encouraged. Prizes awarded for the most indulgent and outrageous costumes.

Attract attention. Challenge yourself. No holds barred - bring out your most outrageous sexy outfits. Feathers, fur, glitter, fishnet, latex, chains - any version of "sexy" that appeals to you. Show off something you've not dared wear before. Dress to delight, provoke, captivate, enthrall and indulge. When in doubt, go colorful and extravagant .

These themes set the tone for each evening but are by no means requirements. We encourage you to attend the Festival in whatever you consider sexy and makes you feel good.

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