Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CTS study reults

I found an article on the Massage Therapy Foundation's site about a Carpel Tunnel Syndrome study.

In the study they compared general massage with a focused treatment regime. To my mind, it was a boring and predictable study, but I am very excited that there were statistically relevant results. I have long held the opinion that massage therapists are health care professionals, not just someone who rubs you and makes you feel good. (Though compassionate touch is a very important thing. Sometimes more important to receive than therapeutic techniques.) There are many states in America that have little or no requirements when it comes to massage therapy. Which sometimes leads people to eschew attending a school such as the UCMT Massage Therapy School* because they don't legally have to in order to obtain a license to practice massage.

Studies like this highlight the importance of a strong anatomy and physiology based education so that massage therapists can thoughtfully prepare treatment plans for people who come to see them with physical ailments or difficulties.

*The UMTC has schools in states with lax schooling requirements. I have no affiliation with them other than auditing 2 of their schools in Colorado and Arizona. During those audits, I was highly impressed with their educational curriculum. I also am impressed that they choose to have schools in the states they do because it gives their graduates an incredible advantage over graduates of other massage schools in those states.

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