Tuesday, October 14, 2008

LRS update

There is a truism that can be neatly applied to the Studio: The only constant is change.

Last Friday, during the Little Red Studio Gold show, Jeff encouraged the troupe to support a new vision of an old theme of LRS. The idea that LRS give people a place to transform or transition. Art in all it's forms, painting, dance, song, etc... have the capability to awaken and enlighten us. Jeff wanted to create more breaks in the show so that people could assimilate, interact and engage in interesting and often creative activities, such as body painting, tarot readings, costuming, or receiving a hand washing.

There was suddenly so much more time where I was able to connect with more people. My conversations weren't all cut short because of the next act starting. Jeff gave a talk about the large altar style painting,"suffering Change," sparking other conversations later in the night. All the performances were rich and satisfying because we could talk and connect in between them during the night.

Jeff charged me with setting up a "bodywork tent" so that I could provide people with a taste of what we offer at the Spa. As a first go round, I think we were able to achieve that. On a small scale, of course. We gave people salt scrubs on their hands and had a "massage couch" with many massage toys for people to play and experiment with. It ended up being a comfy place to have a quiet moment or have a conversation with the ruse of physical contact.

It worked really well. If you haven't been to the Studio in a while or perhaps thought it was overwhelming the last time you were there, you should come to a Gold or a Saffron show for a new taste of LRS. (The Obsidian show is going to be a horse of another color.)

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