Monday, June 15, 2009

Be a part of Urban Arts!

Please check out this incredible idea from one of our LRS troupe members. Christina is putting together a weekend of artistic fun and education for children. She is currently looking for people who have experience and interest in one or more areas of the artistic realm who would be willing to present (or help wrangle kids) a short workshop on August 1t or 2nd.

I am looking forward to being a part of this, even if I only end up as an attendee.

Urban Arts Weekend - August 1 and 2 at Little Red Studio
Help create full self expression and contribution in a community effort that seeks to share art in all its forms.

The Vision
Empowering kids and parents to experience art and relate to one another in a supportive community of passionate teachers.

The Format
(This is still in the planning phases, so details will change and evolve.)

Start: Each day will contain numerous art classes/topics running in tandem, many of which are developed to overlap or dovetail with other topics, and some of which may involve an indoor and an outdoor (field trip - sculpture park, zoo, etc.) component. The final topics will be chosen based on logistical feasibility (what we can fit in the space), resource/materials load (what we can provide or get donated), and your interest (if no one wants to teach watercolors there won't be a watercolors class). Depending on the topic's difficulty or teacher inclination, each class could run 2-4 hours.

Lunch break: If we put together a Cooking class, it's possible that lunch will be what that class makes. Otherwise, people will need to bring a sack lunch.

Close: Show-and-tell and/or performance respectively for visual and performance art.

The Teachers
As a teacher, you are responsible to create your own plan including what you want to teach and how. But each class should involve at least an introduction/basics including the tools used or concepts needed, any safety concerns, and then the hands-on portion. Depending on the topic's difficulty, each teacher will have access to helpers. The point of the class is to give every child/parent combo a chance to play with/practice what they're learning.

Materials Note: When considering whether you'd like to teach a topic, please think about any sources you know that could donate materials, and even think about materials you might have at home. The registration fee will cover some of this, but the more donations we can get, the lower that fee will be.

Helpers Note: We need helpers to move people around the space, coordinate resources, and act as class aids. If you don't want to teach that doesn't mean you can't come play. Seriously.

The Topics
All topics presented are possibilities, intended to jump-start your creativity. If you want to do something that isn't listed, please email me.

* Painting: finger, body, oil, watercolor, paint dancing (freestyle dancing while painting), wall (use a broom to paint on a wall), objects (see Crafts and Sculpture)
* Drawing: figure/object/still-life (people, flowers, buildings, cars, animals); freestyle (what they see in their mind); comics (incorporates Writing module)
* Photography/Videography: documenting the day; music videos (could incorporate Theater, Dance, and Music topics); portraits and/or still-lifes; wildlife/nature architecture/urban landscape
* Framing (making frames and/or mats to contain visual art)
* Theater (could incorporate Dance): improv, acting
* Music: vocal (solo or group); beat boxing/rapping (could incorporate Poetry); instrumental; appreciation (could incorporate Dance)
* Aerials/gymnastics: floor work (could incorporate Dance); hoop/rope/tissu; spinning/poi
* Dance: belly; jazz; ballroom; freestyle/object (balls, flags, yoga balls)
* Crafts: hardware repurposing (take apart broken toasters, blenders, etc. and make sculpture); decoupage/collage/modge podge; paper mache; plaster of paris casting; egg or rock painting; decorate accessories (jewelry, hats, lunch boxes, belts, sneakers, backpacks, ipod/cell phone holders)
* Cooking: make lunch for the day and then serve it; snacks/hors'douvres/canapes/finger foods (could incorporate Photography);coffee and fizzy beverages
* Writing: poetry (could incorporate Vocal and/or Performance topics); short stories; comics/graphic novels (could incorporate Drawing)
* Sculpting(could incorporate Painting): cookie dough (could incorporate Cooking); clay; DAS or other polymer stuff
* Dream Work: dream theater (incorporate Performance and/or Improv topics); journaling and using mind maps for understanding; spiritual and healing components
* Tech Booth: running the light and sound board

Extra Details

Registration will be required to keep a bound on class size, and there will be a fee. We're going to keep the cost as low as possible because this is a community outreach project and volunteer based.

I am so excited to have each and every one of you come play! Please email me if you have questions or suggestions.

Christina Dietrich

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