Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Small shift in focus.

Since my discovery that sometimes frozen fruit is better than fresh when making salt scrubs, I have been moving away from using seasonal fruit in my blends. Originally, the idea was to use whatever was in season for my salt scrubs, creating a new blend every quarter. When I found out that frozen strawberries generally had more flavor that fresh ones, I made the Strawberry Ginger scrub during the winter and early spring. (Pomegranate season seemed short this year.)

Instead of cuing off the seasons, I am going to link each special spa session to the current Little Red Studio Colored Show. This Friday, the Aquamarine show will make it's debut.
This summer we will transform our sumptuous theater into a wet, sensual oasis, complete with mermaids, nymphs, sailors and pirates. Come dive into one of the most alluring elements on earth, Water. Lets splash around together in this world of sensory profusion, relaxation, healing, and spiritual reconnection.

One of the ideas to keep in the watery theme and help keep people cool is mist sprays. I created an essential oil blend of Lavender, Thyme and a few other woodsy oils that, together, are reminiscent of a fresh rain. It turned out quite lovely. So, I am pleased to announce that the I have a new scent for the massage oil for the Aquamarine Spa Session!

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erotictoys said...

sounds tasty. this is something new. i thought fresh is always good. gonna try this and see for myself. thanks for the thought.

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