Monday, June 22, 2009

Sculptueral Clay + Creative Movement

I never know what will come out of a session. When you read about the various spa sessions on the Little Red day Spa web site, it gives you a framework, but not a detailed description. That really is on purpose. I want my practitioners to have the freedom to create something new each time they do a session. I want my guests to fill in the spaces with their wants and needs.

A while back, a guest wanted to combine a Sculptural Clay session with a Creative Movement Session. This guest was what Cody, the practitioner who developed the Creative Movement, would call a natural mover. It was a delightful combination that was relaxing and invigoration.

And inspiring. At the Little Red Studio there is a tradition of "mud man" performances that are usually very primal. I took the light-hearted playfulness of the clay the way it is used in the spa and combined it with Contact Improv Dance.I am very proud to have art directed a performance piece that came out of a spa session! Here are a few photos. Please note that while the people are covered in clay, these photos may not be work safe.

Photo by Jim Duvall. The dancers have asked to not be identified. You'll have to come to a Little Red Studio show to see this dance in action.

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